Monday, May 26, 2014

Just a Few Ramblings

      One of my newest breakfast protein drinks is a green smoothie. I really love these. I still have some of my own canned fruit juices so I put around a pint in the vita mix (which is now at least 40 years old and still going) and then I go out to my raised beds where do to the nice growing weather we are having-I harvest a huge handful of greens-I have all kinds right now that are so beautiful. 
   I rinse them off tear off from any thick stems-like the swiss chard-and add them to my vita mix-when about half full-I give it a good whirl for about a minute or two-and then add a pint of water a scoop of rice protein, or whey protein, a little honey or agave and then whirl again-This is really very delicious-and I just never would have thought about using greens in my smoothies-I saw it as a kindle book-and thought wow sounds good-and it is.

     I worked off an on yesterday again working on my journal pages. I now have 6 more pages to make and then I will sew all these into the journal. I think I see a finish in a couple weeks. I love finishes-since I tend to get too many projects going at the same time. I am sticking to my guns and will not be starting something new like a quilt til I see more finishes.

   Been doing lots of reading in my herb and dye books and online about dye plants that are available to me right here in my woods. I just read plantain gives a gorgeous green-gotta try that for sure. I feel like a herbalogist-is that even a word-lol with pretty jars filled with herbs and extra virgin olive oil, and a large jar filled with vodka and goldenseal that I will be making into a tincture-used as medicine for colds etc. I did read in my books and also from two that Mr L shared with me that these tinctures will stay good for up to 10 years-that is pretty cool-and would be a good thing to do for all the survival preppers out there, or anyone that likes to have herbal medicines on hand.

   Hubby got on the mower early this morning and I got back to raking up thick piles of oak leaves that are up close to the house. Still no extreme heat here-I love that! With all this rain we are getting this spring my gorgeous iris's are blooming that I haven't seen for years-figured the deer had eaten them like they did all my gorgeous lilies. So good to see them again-I planted these probably 8 years ago, and we bought them from someone local that grows thousands of flowers-amazing. I have a midnight black, a couple victorian soft pinks, and an amazing rust that just bloomed. They are under the pine trees in back and are just in front of where all the daffodils are planted. That area is getting taken over with poison ivy so  need to decide how to handle that. any idea??

  Well, I hear that Mr L just drove up-gotta go


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