Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hummingbirds Everywhere

These feeders are hanging from under an overhang we have in front of the house. As we walk by in the hallway or from the kitchen we can see them

Under the maple tree I have many single feeders out for them which they love, once those are empty we have at least two dozen or more at these feeders. Just amazing how many hummingbirds we have this year.

We went to a city garage sale yesterday and picked up two more feeders to hang under the overhang. I am now going through over 30 cups of sugar water per day-feeding three times a day-a full time job lol

This next photo is not real clear but you can see how many are coming to the feeders

The feeder in the back I just bought a couple days ago and it came with built in bee guards inside those flowers-the birds are not too happy with that feeder yet-but it holds lots of nectar so hopefully they will get used to it.

I love this feeder-it is a handmade thrown pottery piece, Larry found for me at a garage sale-no one knew what it was-after the person set it back down-he grabbed it and said it was a hummingbird feeder. The birds love those little places to land.

My extra long work table that I have in my  kitchen now is full of herbs drying-I have lemon balm drying and in olive oil now, I also have a new batch of violet leaves in olive oil and yesterday I picked a good amount of plantain that is now drying. The heal all plant is also drying which I will use for tea, and once the flowers appear on the plants I will collect more to dry and to make into a healing soap. Our friend Mr L brought over his two "go to" herb books-so I have been reading and taking notes.

It was still in the 30s this morning but in the high 30s, and we will reach near 70 today-90s by Wednesday. Such extremes this spring. 
     We ended up just above freezing this past week so I didn't need to cover plants-thank goodness. I will be working on getting weeds pulled in some areas, will need to get back to hand watering, and I bought a couple veggie plants yesterday. My friend that was growing plants from seeds for me brought over my sweet peppers and eggplant-but sigh they are soooo small, not ready to handle this weather yet-so I decided to pick up two different kinds of sweet peppers and eggplants just in case those don't  make it. I am loving those new eggplants that are available now-so much more flavorful and more tender and not bitter. I bought a white one, and a long purple one. We love them grilled or in veggie stir frys.

     Have an awesome Sunday!


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