Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Monday-Lots Accomplished in the Veggie Garden over the Weekend & Giveaway

How is everyone?

   I was finishing up with my veggie garden today-and wow it is very very hot and humid out there-we have a cold front coming in with strong storms, so a cool down for this week. I love it-we will be back in the 60s again and lows in the 40s my kind of weather for down here. I wanted to get the garden planted before this cool down so it will benefit from the rains.

(if you look close you can see my tomato plants nestled into all that pulled wheat and straw)

   Over the weekend I needed to get all of my tomato plants in the ground-and I have lots of paste tomatoes this year so am hoping for a good crop for canning this year.  I bought seed for two different types this year-the amish paste and the comstock paste-these both are usually meatier and larger than the regular romas.

   First up was all that wheat and field peas that I planted as a cover crop--got really tall on me do to the crazy weather-in fact it was starting to form the seed heads-too tall already to hand til in, so I just hand pulled all of it. Allot of work for sure-but it will break down into composted matter right in my garden.
    Today what little garden space I had left-(those blank areas in the photos) I planted into edible and herb flowers, one hill of summer squash, one hill of zucchini, one hill each of two different winter squashes, and soy beans. We love edamame-the green soy beans in the pods so would love to get some in the freezer this summer-since most of the frozen here comes from china now. 
I also needed to replant my cucumbers, and I may need to fill in some pole beans too. we had that cold snap a couple weeks ago.
     I was also very excited to find from Baker Creek Seeds a calendula that was very very potent with it's beneficial properties-so I planted a big patch of that to make things with.

   I have been learning more about my wild edible herbs and plants here from our friend Mr L, and plan to make several healing salves and lip balms-and to offer them for sale in my soap shop-I hope there will be an interest. 

   The violet leaf lip balm was a huge favorite. I ended up giving all the tins away I had made except kept one for me. Everyone I gave it too-just loves it-found out from them it was excellent to get rid of cold sores, soften and healed cuticles and was liked better as a hand cream than the one they were using-a very healing balm. I really love using it too.
    So today, I have gathered more violet leaves to make another batch, also collected to dry lemon balm and the heal all wild herb. I will be making a healing soap from the heal all plant-great for cuts and sores-and helps to stop the bleeding. The lemon balm is also said to help with cold sores so I am thinking of combining it with the violet leaves. I also will be collecting plantain which we have several different vararties of here in my woods.

      Hope all of you mothers had a wonderful and special day yesterday.-I am not a mother-unless you could count all the birds and animals I have taken care of over the years. lol 
   however, To remember my Mom yesterday-I thought of her gorgeous flower gardens that brought praises from her neighbors, and of her veggie gardens that she canned and froze through her early 80s. I rarely call her now-as her dementia has gotten much worse this past year. I do still think of her every day.

and if you missed it-I am having a drawing for two jars of my whipped chamomile butter-see last post for details-one week left to enter.


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