Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy Dancing Here-I Now Have Sound on my PC and my Pretty Clematis Blooms

Whooo Hooo it must be at least 3 years now, perhaps more that I have had no sound. I mostly missed it for the instructional videos on YouTube.

It's been a struggle too getting it on my new computer for some reason. I took the ones I had bought back and just told the lady I didn't like them-and I bought a different brand. Hubby bought a sound card or something and played with that til he got it working-thanks to hubby for knowing how to do this stuff---these speakers are just awesome-best sound I have ever owned for my computer.

To test it out I found music by my most favorite country artists- Blake Shelton and his wife Miranda Lambert

Well, bummer I am back to the photos not loading again.

 I am going to have to take Mitch's advice and upload photos to photobucket and then bring them here. Since we have satelite internet though we get charged for the time usage-unless I get up early in the morning and do it during my free time. Need to get back in the habit of doing that-which I used to do all the time when I was on yahoo 360.

I wanted to share this photo with you, so brought it over from fb

These hot days-high 80s and 90s are opening up the blooms really fast and wide all in one day-so they will be gone in no time-I have two of these plants on either ends of the fence-and they are just loaded with blooms this year. These plants are 10 years old now. This is just the bottom half of the plant-the rest is up on the top of the fence.

I am back into my summer routine already-and it is not even summer yet-lol  Hand watering my plants that are planted  now every morning, and again in the evening. Also allot of the hummers are back now so I am filling up their feeders every morning now too.

We are back to having the pesky raccoons back up at the front of the house. I brought kitty's food and water in the house to not tempt him when I forget to bring it in at night. Now though he is opening up the metal cans with tight lids that I use for bird seed and corn. Never had one that opened these, as they are on really tight. So yesterday I put big pieces of firewood on top along with a plastic container I had been using-so if I was in the living room I would hear him-and I did last night and opened up the door and he took off. Now that he knows he can open the cans he'll be a big pest-lol

I am looking into some new soap recipes using my own herbs, also looking into making moisturizer bars with shea butter. I really loved the lip balm I made so once I have fresh calendula flowers in my garden I will be lip balm with those. If I can find jewelweed here in my woods I would also like to make some poison ivy soap.

Happy Monday!


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