Friday, May 2, 2014

Hand Dyeing a Lace Silk Blouse with Red Onion Skins

   I decided to set up the dye bath for this project today; the blouse will sit in the dye bath at least overnight and then I will decide tomorrow if I like the color or not. I had picked up the blouse at the resale shop for this purpose-very lacey, very victorian looking. I almost used tea bags but decided on the onion skins. I also am using an old aluminum pot which helps with mordant process instead of adding a mordant like alum. I will still soak in a vinegar water bath when finished and before I wash this.
   I should get a nice soft brown-aged look.

(Any of you having trouble uploading photos? Last time this happened to me here I kept mysef not automatically signed in and that took care of the problem-but so far not working. My photos load about a 1/4 of the way and then just sit there. Oh well, what I have been doing is posting on fb and then copy and paste to here.)

If you have never dyed with onion skins it is one of the easiest methods to start out with. I found this informative site here

Today I have been looking for my small canning jars and getting them washed and then reboxed. I so need a real pantry so I can find what I have, but well we work with we have and I am thankful I can still can and also enjoy the process-I really do, reminds me of my farmgirl Grandma.

Have an awesome weekend ahead everyone.

Update: it's a little after 2 pm now and I have a gorgeous light brown color-looks pretty


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