Saturday, May 31, 2014

Gathering a Few Herbs to Dry and Making Limoncello

With all the rain we have been having along with many cloudy days, the herbs are all going crazy this spring, especially the mints.

I do not use allot of mint but I do collect and dry a few small bags for teas or cooking. Usually I have to collect the lemon balm right away before it gets brown spots on it do to the heat here, but this year I have pinched backed the leaves several times already. I have a tall jar of lemon balm infusing in olive oil already too. I also like to plant different mints around the house to keep weeds down and they are useable. I also have ginger mint which is shown in front on the photo, the grapefruit mint, chocolate mint, and peppermint. There are so many mints to choose from now.

I had a bag of lemons so decided to start a batch of limoncello. At the bottom of my blog here is a search tool; so if you would like my recipe just type in limoncello-allot of the photos are no longer there but one of the posts has the recipe.
   This is so refreshing on a very hot summer day. After made it goes into the freezer-serve in shot glasses and it will be cold and slushy. I saw the recipe a few years back on Food Network.

I usually add lavender flowers to the zested lemons, but this time I decided why not add the lemon balm and the grapefruit mint-so I did. I think it will compliment the lemons. I didn't have quite enough lemons so I also zested one large pink grapefruit.

The recipe calls for meyer lemons but you can make the recipe with any citrus that you want to-oranges, limes, etc or a combination of.

Have an awesome weekend all of you!


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