Thursday, May 1, 2014

Canning Wild Mushrooms This Morning---Out of the Canner

The wild mushrooms have been difficult to find the last three years, due to the drought one year, and temperatures just not being right for mushroom hunting.

If we are able to get a fair amount I like to can them in half pint or quarter pint jars. We have never found a "mess" of the morels here.

Yesterday our friend Mr L came over with a nice bag of the false morels-or the locals call them big reds or beef steak. These are so delicious-and make into a nice veggi burger like the portebelos do, also delicious just sauted in butter or breaded and fried-and canned-they hold up very well in the canner-great for pizza toppings or stews, soups.

At first I didn't really think there was enough to get out the big canner-but this morning I decided that since these are so large, by the time I slice and quarter them-they will fill up several jars-and I no longer have any canned mushrooms in the pantry.

For some reason I am having problems uploading photos here-so I have been posting on fb and then bringing them over-sorry I forgot to take photos of the mushrooms before I cut them up for canning. These were really really large.
     If you would like the recipe for canning these-go to my search tool and put in recipe canning mushrooms. I found this method of steaming first, canning with the steam water, and pressure canning a few years back and love the process and results.

Out  of the canner


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