Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Sunny Thursday

Good afternoon my dear friends,
     I haven't been creating anything new lately so nothing to share at the moment.
     I am on my last hexagon coaster though, which I sew a little on in the evenings; I made four more. 
     I am thinking I am going to probably put a quilt of hexagons on hold til the winter months. I have some other quilts I would really like to get started on first-along with a few other projects to finish up. and once I am caught up on the outside gardening I want to tackle the texturing of the ceiling in the bathroom-I am definately not getting any younger so these projects need to get done before I can't do them anymore. (Now to get hubby back on the house too-which honestly I don't think will happen-no fun getting older-let me tell ya.)
      I also want to spend more time this summer with my hand dyeing, and also making salves and soaps from the plants I have here in my woods. I collected more wild violet leaves to soak in olive oil for the lip balm-everyone I gave a tin to, just loved it.
     I am happy with my little garden so far, but tonight and tomorrow night-oh my- they are saying freeze warnings-so that means digging out some things to cover up all my tomato plants especially, and I have beans up too-so hoping we don't get down that cold.
     It was good to see the sun out today, so I spent the morning in town doing lots of errands-I had a whole list of things to do plus doing the monthly shopping. I only shop every 4 to 6 weeks so not so bad really, and when one lives rural you have an on going list to add to, along with all the errands listed. I was proud of myself-I did it all in 4 hours-pretty nifty. I left around 7 am so that made going to town for me so much nicer-I really am not one of those people that enjoys driving around-so I only drive when I just have to.
    Mrs. Goose is still sitting on her eggs, although she seems to be cooling them off more now-I am hoping for her sake that her eggs will hatch; we have had such extremes in weather this whole time she has been sitting. I did not write down when she first started sitting-but I am thinking it must be 3 weeks now.
   Last night we had a young doe visit us in the backyard up by the bay window-we haven't had any deer visitors for a few weeks.  Now that turkey hunting season is over the gobblers are visiting again too. and the hummingbirds are just unreal this year-sooo many of them compared to last year. I will definately be going through lots and lots of sugar this summer. I just put up a brand new feeder and so far they don't like it. I have never had a feeder with the bee guards on it-so they are not used to that.

    I goofed when I set the date for my giveaway-meant for it to be this weekend but instead it is the following week-so you still have plenty of time to enter and to name my goose pair. visit here to enter.

  That's about it for me; what have you all been up to?


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