Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Pretty Nice Day Today & a Few Photos

We have not turned on the a/c yet-and don't want to this year til we just must. It just costs so much to use but I know for health we will both  need it once the hot gets extreme.
    I am still collecting plantain and violet leaves to dry and then place into their olive oil jars. I don't have much space-so since the weather is cooperating I am collecting in small batches-dry-add to oil-and re collect. I should just about have my jars filled soon. I am also waiting on the heal all plant to bloom and then I will infuse that in olive oil too and also blend it up well with a little olive oil in my blender and then make soap with that-will make a good wound cleaner.
    Now that I have learned plantain and a couple others I say hi to them like I know them when I am outdoors-lol I know old age craziness-but it makes me smile to begin to really learn some wild plants and use them.
    With it getting hotter during mid day we are getting our most hummingbirds at one time at sunrise and again at sunset. With the edition of the two larger feeders I am no longer needing to fill three times a day-thank goodness-lol feel like I am keeping up with them finally.
    The other morning real early Mrs Goose took a swim in the pond with Mr Goose-thought that was cool. I was getting concerned that her eggs may not hatch cause a couple locals said it took around 21 days-so I looked it up online today and it is closer to a month or a few days more. She usually will lay 5 eggs and does not set them til all are laid-so I am still hopeful now to see little gosslings swimming around the pond.
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I took some photos around the "yard"-will post more later.

Mr. Goose in the pond that is next to little pond that Mrs. Goose is in

Wild chamomile or "Pineapple Weed" in my yard-I have been collecting those flower heads and soaking in olive oil-on the wild plant all the medicinal value is only in the flower head unlike the domestic plant where the leaves are also of value. This will make up into some awesome gentle soaps and salves for sensitive skin

We have had the perfect spring weather for my herbs-lavender to the left-varrigated ginger mint-in the back there by fence and next to the lavender-which has really really spread since last year, and thymes to the right and top right

A little patch of wild violet and plantain 

More plantain-after much reading I have discovered in some articles that the primary medicinal value is in those seed stems-so I have those drying now too-and will add with the leaves in the olive oil.

Of course we need another hummingbird photo-lol in the background is our wisteria now in bloom-this is the 10th year now and it has really filled in our fence-love that. We brought this plant down with us from Illinois-it blooms later than the ones I have seen down here in Missouri and I think the blooms are prettier too.

Oh and I will share some flower blooms soon. I had decided that after 10 years of no blooms from my peonies-I would move them this spring. 
      They came from my Grandma's garden on her farm in Indiana-when I got married and moved to Illinois (over 30 years ago) I transplanted several of these and they grew well. However when we moved to Missouri-they have not been happy, never bloomed. I have them in different areas-under the pine trees in back, and on the edges of my old big garden here. Do to the up and down weather this early spring I did not have a chance to move them-and I didn't really know where I was going to move them either-well on Mother's Day they started to bloom-how awesome is that?? So far no pink ones just white-but I am happy happy-so I guess they will not get moved-just need to make sure they don't get mowed down by accident-since I no longer use the original garden area I had first started here

I just realized when I took my little walk around that when hubby mowed the main garden down-I forgot to tell him where Not to mow-it just dawned on me just now that he brush hogged down my forsythia bush (UPDATE: I went out to feed the corn to the wild critters-and I my bush is still there-yeah-along with my peonies and of course my pampas grass clumps-happy about that) and lots of winter perennials-lol that's ok-except I wanted the flowers from my forsythia bush for soap-but that area has been such an eye sore-I have been working on getting soaker hoses out of there, and allot of other garden fences etc out of there so we could mow it down-wild raspberry bushes took over, my planted blueberries never did well, I lost my asparagus row and the horseradish root I brought down from Illinois and also my gooseberries-have I mentioned lately how bad the soil is here??-I call it Missouri concrete cause it is not soil lol. 
   I had worked three years adding compost and manure etc to build up the soil-but it just needed so much more-and I learned after a few years it was too hot there in the summer to grow much-the summers can be brutal here-need filtered light through trees like the way my new mini garden is set up. and it was too close to the woods-once the deer discovered it-was all over-lol  
  well enough of me rambling on and on-sorry about that

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