Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Weaving Again-Opinions Please

 I have begun weaving again-so happy dancing.

I know I have been told to sample first-but I just don't do that for any of my creative projects do you?  Anyways I am not sure if my pattern is getting lost here. 

This will be woven as a long shawl with width around 27 1/2" that I will hand sew the ends into sleeves-a pattern I found that I love in an old Handwoven magazine.

The warp is organic cotton. The weft is a strand of grey wool mohair, a strand of thin grey wool, and the off white is textured and is silk. I am thinking perhaps I need to take out the off white silk?  I think I will do a set of the lace weave and see what it looks like with just the greys, I need to take out that lace weave anyways cause it started to draw in a bit-been a long time since I wove the width of my 30" loom

You need to enlarge the photo and look closely-at the top is the lace pattern-about 2" and it will have a block of tabby and then another lace pattern.-the bottom 5" is tabby-which will be the sleeve ends.

side view-now that I look at it again-the lace weave is raised above the tabby


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