Thursday, April 24, 2014

Surprise at the Feeder

Tuesday when I went into town for shopping and to get my hair trimmed-I decided to check on garden flowers and herbs too. I came home with my suv packed-lol
   So yesterday I spent the morning getting all my plants in their places, along with getting all the laundry done including rugs. I am pretty stiff and sore this morning-lol
  Rain is moving in today so wanted to get the plants in and I keep my washer unplugged during storms.

   We have a friend from Chicago coming in for the weekend for a visit to go fishing and perhaps turkey hunt-so I am busy with getting the house in order too.
   In the afternoon I decided to put the corn out early and look who I saw out my back window?

   For the last couple years now in early spring we have had a couple pairs stop by the ponds in the early mornings, but no one has stayed to nest.  Yesterday this pair found the corn I put out, and then one of them came back in the early evening. So, when he left I watched him where he was going-and he went to a little pond we made that has a small island in the middle with a wild pear tree-so I think they may be nesting.
     I am thrilled but hubby not so much-as they can make quite a mess I guess-as long as they don't bother my veggie and flower plants I will enjoy watching them.
    Hubby was hoping for a pair of wood ducks or something similiar to nest.
     I just now looked out the window and the male is back again eating corn.

    I just heard on the weather last night that another cold front is moving in next week and snow on wednesday-what? more winter?? oh my-I will be covering up lots of plants then. About half of my plants are perenials but the others are things like petunias, impatients, and little carnations. and tomorrow after the storms it is to be in the 80s-craziness in weather for sure.

   The hummingbirds have returned as well. Just a few so far-so I put out several small feeders for them and also one oriole feeder and some orange slices. It might me a bit too early for the orioles to pass through but they are here for just a very short time unless they spot food-they are such beautiful birds too.

   I am off to get my day going-


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