Thursday, April 3, 2014

Started My Handmade Journal Last Nite

    The weather here is unsettled so the humidity is high-and you know when it is just "erie" outdoors?  That's what it was like last nite, but much worse right now early in the morning.
    The severe weather and rain missed us last nite-the next round is to come around 4 this afternoon and through the nite. Storms to be out of here on Friday mornng. Which is good-as hubby is off to Oklahoma and I am off to the "Gathering" a quilt vendor event-always fun.

   So, I went to bed early cause I was really tired, but an hour later could not sleep-so just decided to get up and work on my journal. I have never done this before and wanted to see how it was going to work hand sewing in the handmade papers.
    I had purchased from two different paper makers. I decided to work with the papers that I had more of, were allot thinner in thickness and they also were a little short lengthwise. I decided to hand sew another short piece to the top of the each piece, and then to the bottom of the next page-and so on. Adds more texture and interest and makes my page size better for this book.
   I am using the tutorial that Shroo had posted a couple weeks ago. For an easy binding-I am using the book's binding-but one was to tear out the pages leaving around 2" which I ended up tearing a little shorter. We were to make a "sandwich" of 4 of these torn pages and put the paper in the middle-then hand sew how we wanted to. Adding lots of embroidery and ribbon, thread embellishments along the way.
   It took a bit to get comfortable holding the book and the paper and sewing it down-but it went in nice. I asked the paper makers to sign one of their papers-and this seller remembered to do so. I decided to also add in her business card so it is with the journal. 
   Of the three books I bought at the library sale I chose to work with the butterflies first.
   Shroo had also painted the torn pages-so I grabbed some pens I had that had "paint" in them (made in Japan)
   (The photos will enlarge)


Out the bay window update: Yesterday the 3 turkey hens were here early and ate the cracked corn for over an hour-in the early evening they came back again for more corn-this time beating the deer so they got first choice-lol  Since they are returning more regularly now, we are hoping they bring the babies back so we can enjoy them growing up again.


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