Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Shopping for a New Water Bath Canner

I have spent hours on the net for off and on the last few months searching out and reading about water bath canner options.

All of my canning life (45 years at least-but helped out Mom when young) I have always used the granite canners. They are still for the most part made in the USA too. My problem with these is I do allot of canning some years-and I am lucky if I get 5 years use with them. They rust out little holes on the bottom, and the racks are horrible-they always rust and make a mess in the water.

So I have been checking out the more pricey stainless steel water bath canners. I also wanted the rack to be stainless too so no rust. These run around $77.00 to $100.00 plus. I t would be worth it for me if it lasted the rest of my life.

I thought I had chosen one for sure this morning-So I began seriously reading the reviews on different ones and at different sites too. The Ball Elite is gorgeous-but all the reviews said the chrome plated rack rusted and right away, this canner is also made in China. I also read on several sites that it came dented-so must not be very thick stainless.
    I was also really looking at another one by Victorio I think it was-found a sale on that one too-but reading the reviews-the lid was not a tight seal-and several reviews said the water just boiled out all over the place. When I first read this-figured it was from a new canner but no down the list of reviews many said even turning the heat down-still boiled out onto the floor and all over the stove.  This one did have a stainless steel rack. So bummer don't need to spend all this extra money to have problems with either of these.

  Back to amazon I went and looked for the granite canners that also offered free shipping if spending over the $35.00 there. I also found a new style canning rack made with stainless and can be stacked as well inside the canner-so that's on my wish list.

  I ended up spending $21.00 for the canner and around $16.00 for America's Test Kitchens new book on gluten free baking. Looking inside the book this looks so informative and all the reviews said the pastries and breads were excellent. Also most of the book delves into the science and chemistry of gluten free baking.
    So for $37.00 and free shipping I have a new granite canner coming and a new gluten free cookbook-good deal-lol


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