Friday, April 18, 2014

Recipe for Wild Violet Jam

  Yesterday morning I decided to go out in our fields and see if I could gather a cup of fresh wild violet petals, and also some leaves.

   The freeze we had the other day took their toll on the flowers, but I was able to gather a cup. Every spring I like to make something different with the wild violets. They are here for just a short time and I really love them. The flowers and leaves are very nutritious and also look beautiful in a fresh spring or Easter Sunday salad.

  I read online several recipes to make the violet jam-I am not into jelly. I also make my jams with the least amount of sweetening as possible and to achieve a set I use Ball's no sugar/low sugar pectin. I also read that lemon juice will turn the violet mixture more pink, and lime would not. 

   I liked the recipe using honey-but the honey did change the color to a darkish pink, I think if I would have used splenda or a little organic sugar to taste it may have stayed more lavender. I may try another batch using the sugar. My recipe made 4   1/4 pint jars-a perfect size for this-and there was none left over to taste-accept the spoon and pan-lol It tasted heavenly though. This is the recipe I found that I liked the best

  I am thinking about making us Belgian waffles over the weekend and will try a jar of my violet jam with those.

Wild Violet Jam

1 to 1 1/2 cups wild violet petals-pick only in an area where there are no chemicals and not near highways

1 cup water

juice of one lemon or one lime-I used 4 little packages of dehydrated pure lime juice

1/2 cup honey-light is best but what I had on hand was dark

1 1/2 tablespoons Ball's no sugar/ low sugar pectin 

Blend the violets, 1/2 cup water, and juice in a processor
Heat 1/2 cup of water with honey or sweetening to warm-then add the violet mixture, sprinkle in the pectin so it won't lump. and bring to a boil. The mixture must boil for at least a minute to allow it to set.

This will make 1 pint total, so can use once set-just keep in the frig. Or you can freeze, or I prefer to can. If canning use water bath canner and time for 10 minutes. They need to completely cool-by morning the jam will be set.

I also collected a few violet leaves to make a nourishing lip balm-I will be following the recipe posted at the Nerdy Farm Wife   

So today's project will be to make this lip balm and to also make calendula soap with dried calendula petals. Sorry I don't have a camera at the moment for photos-but I got a notice it will arrive today-yeah

afternoon update: I decided to make a day of it and make new items for my soap shop. The calendula soap with petals is beautiful, I also made goat milk soap with pink himalayan salts, whipped chamomile with lavender butter, and up next is whipped shea butter moisturizer-a customer favorite. my violet leaves are soaking well in warm water-I used jojoba oil with the leaves-I will make the balm later today or tomorrow.


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