Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I'm Linking Up With Let's Bee Social This Week & Handmade Soap Giveaway

  Good morning all, I try to link up at least once a month and then visit and see what everyone has been making and doing. 
    To visit the linky party or to participate; find the link for Let's Bee Social button in my right hand column.

  Here in the Ozarks we are finally getting some spring weather, so lots of rain, some t storms, and warmer weather-finally! LOL My daffodils are all up and I redid my raised beds and big pots by mixing in some lime and compost this year-so that is already to go and plant. We also purchased two huge scoops of compost from a friend here-wonderful stuff!-so I have been adding this into my little garden space too. and this morning I heard my first whipporwill of the season-so spring has arrived for sure-although I did hear about more frost next week.

   We also enjoyed out Wisconsin friends that came down for a long weekend visit-warmer weather for them to enjoy-plus we were able to cook out on the grill-cool!

   I am making a handmade journal from handmade papers that I purchased from a paper maker on etsy. I also am reusing some of the pages I tore out of an old book to make pages with and also making pockets. I wrote a post here that shows my first couple of pages, since then I have added two more pages. This will be my journal for keeping samples and information from my hand dye projects. I have never played with this art medium before-but I love it!

      I also started weaving again-one of my passions. I am making a long shawl that I will hand sew the two ends to make sleaves.


  Last weekend my neighbor friend and I spent the day at a quilt market event in Stover, Mo Being so rural where we live-this is allot of fun for us and is always packed with customers and sometimes good buys. The blog post about my day is here

  I don't remember if I mentioned it or not on my last link up, but I enjoyed making my hexagon mug rug so much, that I have cut out enough hexies to make 4 more to make a set of these.

  I also have joined facebook-a biggy for me since I never really cared for the format before and didn't like the security either, or all those ads that bombard your page there. 
      However I decided to try this again; to connect with old blog friends that had gotten scattered after the Multiply blog site went down. I also thought I would try again to promote my etsy shops to find more customers. 
    So right now I have a giveaway going for my Kathyinozarks Soap shop on Etsy. To sign up and read about the chances to win-go here

      I did also get the quilt finished that I was making and mailed it off to my brother a couple weeks ago. Photos here

  After reading this post to check for spelling-I guess I have been busy since I last linked up lol

  So glad you stopped by to visit


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