Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Good Morning Tuesday

How are all of you today?  

   I enjoyed another day outdoors yesterday-cooler and very very windy but  I just really needed to get thick piles of oak leaves off my herbs and a couple perennials. I got most of it finished in the one area that I really wanted done before all the rains come in.
   So with working three days straight outdoors I am stiff and sore this morning-lol  Cooler today and rain possibly coming in this afternoon with heavy rains and bad storms coming in wednesday and thursday. 
   We brought up a little more firewood from the woods over the weekend too in case we need it-needs to be split yet-but at least it is up near the house. We should have just enough to get through April-as the warmer spring temps continue to come in.
     I think today will be a lounge around relax day for me-I picked up a Nicholas Sparks book that I hadn't read yet-At First Sight-so may read a bit, I am waiting for his newest one to come out in paperback which will be ready in September. I don't take the time to read novels much any more-but I really enjoy this author. One of those authors that you can't put the book down til the end.
  All of you that still have snow on the ground I am hoping it begins to melt soon.
    Enjoy your day!


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