Friday, April 4, 2014

Fun Day with My Neighbor Friend

Brrrr  Really cold all day today.
    The storms left us last nite with no damage, and we did get lots of much needed rain along with a little bit of hail  The cold day didn't deter my neighbor friend and I though, from enjoying the day craft shopping-lol

    We went to a quilt event called The Gathering-which is held at a community center in Stover, Mo every April. There are two floors of quilt stores that have booths and sell their wares. I did not even look at fabric this year and my neighbor friend also decided not to buy fabric but she did come away with a fat quarter of a lovely yellow green for her applique work. 
    I decided to purchase another Bohn chalk pencil that works really well for marking the quilt design onto a quilt top. I have one already that I had bought here last year, but decided a second one would be nicer-one with white chalk and one with a dark color chalk-easier to mark the quilt now with both colors. This vendor has a fair price for these plus where we live we can't buy locally.
     I also bought a very large spool of vintage thread on a wooden spool. It is very very thick and strong thread. I own a small spool of black that was in my Grandma's sewing stash that was used for sewing buttons on thick wool coats or sweaters. Will also be nice to use for sewing the binding onto a hand hooked rug, or if I should braid wool strips into a rug-would use this thread for sewing together. That was an odd purchase but something nice to have around and it was a pretty dark burgundy color.
   I rarely purchase quilt patterns-especially new ones because I think the prices for these are just out of line, the kits even more so. I did decide to buy one today though for wool applique that I just fell in love with. The store owners were so helpful and friendly, so I didn't mind purchasing it so much. I love sheep and I love wool projects-so perfect!
   I found it online here  I should have wool on hand that I can use for the sheep.

   This event is about an hour's drive from where we live, so on the way home we stopped by our two favorite resale shops. We each had a box to drop off and sell and of course we had to shop too-lol
    I came away with another big pile of silk ties-for my silk on silk dye projects-most all were 80% or 50% off so little money in these. I also found a really pretty silk blouse with lots of lace that I will over dye and sell in my fiber shop-as eco clothing.

    Today was our first of the year's day adventures since late fall-so was nice to get out for the day.


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