Monday, April 14, 2014

Freeze Warning and Snow Flurries In the Ozarks

Good morning Monday, The worse of the storms missed us over the weekend but we did get lots of much needed rain. However the cold front is here and will drop to a hard freeze tonight-low 20s-a shock to the system for sure after a week of 70s and 80s and lots of pretty blooms. I will be covering up allot of little veggie plants that are now sprouting. My two clematis plants are also budding out so those need to get covered too.

I did bring up enough firewood to run the woodstoves for a couple of days-hope this is the last of the cold for the season.

I am getting set up in my new computer! Everything is not in yet-but enough to get to my mail and the internet. I did lose all of my saved passwords and favorites from google chrome which is upsetting-last time I went into a different computer they were saved for me. Perhaps its because I am on windows 7 now and not xp. Some of my lost favorite list will be hard to get to again-I did make a copy of my address list in my mail though-so that's good.

I took a break from working on my handmade journal to sewing up hexagons to make a set of 4 more mug rug coasters. These will be pretty; mostly made with some batik fabrics.

I also went out in the woods saturday to find my patch of bloodroot. I missed it last spring and was determined to get some this year for dyeing wool. The color is an orange to a orange red-sounds pretty. For best results I have read that the best time to harvest the roots is in early spring when the flowers are up-the flowers were almost gone when I spotted them, so next year I need to go out a couple weeks earlier. I am drying the roots and stems now and then this summer will make dye from them. Fun!

I am off to make a surprise bar of soap for my winner Monique-Have an awsome Monday!

Oh and let me know if this post is hard to read or not-getting set up in the new computer has changed all of my fonts-they were too large at first-thinking too small now? let me know


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