Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Brrrrr It is Very Chilly in the House Today & a Little Catch Up

A couple days and nights more of chilly temps, clouds, and wind is still upon us.

I was working on the computer this morning, changing things in my etsy shops-when I realized my hands are cold and I am getting chilly-so I need to make me a hot cup of tea again. We are to be in the high 80s starting sunday, so don't want the house to get too warm with a hot fire in the woodstove-or we will need to cool it down with a/c-lol and don't want that yet.

I think some hot soup is in order for lunch today too. As I look out our window the grass is getting tall-as is the wheat in my little garden-once it warms up, I will be back to doing outdoor's stuff again.

The geese pair have definately decided to stay and nest. I never realized how much geese walk instead of fly. The male takes a couple long walks around the yard-eats a little corn but for the most part he seems to take these long hikes everyday-good inspiration for me! as I need to do that more regularly once it warms back up. I think it will be fun to watch the baby geese when they hatch.

We still see the turkey hens off an on too checking out the corn, and last night a few deer browsed in as well. The deer should be having their fawns soon.

A very nice time over the weekend and monday with our Chicago friend. So wish he was able to move down here as he loves it allot. He'll make better money for retirement though if he stays in Chicago for now.

I have been working on my hexie coasters, almost finished with those, and I also added 4 more pages to my handmade journal-it's looking really good too. I have quite a few more pages to get ready and then add to my journal- I will post some updated photos soon. I am really enjoying this project-and I am getting excited about the thought of my hand dye projects for this summer-which I will add samples and information in this journal.

Working on different things to see what may work toward sales in my etsy soap shop; I decided to figure out costs and all my selling fees again, and then figure out some shipping costs-so I could add the shipping to the items I am selling. That way the price the customer sees is the total price.  I lose a bit on one item sold per order, but will gain it back on two or more items so will see if this approach helps.  I am looking into making more lip balms too-the violet leaf was fun to make and loved the results. I am thinking calendula flower lip balm next. Perhaps wild rose as well. I also want to look into making the lotion bars.

I will also be experimenting soon with new gluten free recipes developed by America's Test Kitchens. I bought their new book which is excellent reading, and am getting ready to put their flour mix together to bake breads and pie crusts. They go into the science of the flours on what works-so am anxious to try these recipes out.  I gave up eating bread over 15 years ago, but recently I have purchased some gluten free buns and bread-so is a nice treat for me-but is really just too costly to buy and not feel guilty about it-so if I can finally perfect baking good gluten free bread I will be happy happy.

That's about it for my doings  what have you all been up to?


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