Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Windy Wednesday & Long "Doings"

Cool and windy today, but warmer than it has been for the last few days. Hoping no more hard freezes for this spring. Looks like I saved my clematis buds-I always enjoy their pretty flowers in the spring. I hadn't realized when I bought these two plants when we first moved here that there are clematis that bloom all summer and then there are some that only bloom one time in early spring. I have the plants that only bloom once in the spring.

I am pretty much in my new computer now. I have lost all of my favorites in google chrome which I was not happy with-I thought they would transfer over to the windows 7 but they did not-so I am slowly finding the sites that I need all the time. I am really loving my new email with outlook express-works so much nicer than the old one on xp

My printer is hooked up now, so I am in business that way-especially for shipping labels, but sigh my 10 year old hp digital camera is not supported on windows 7. I so dislike having to buy something like this new when the one I have works just fine-it really does, and back 10 years ago we paid lots of money for it.-wow! has it really been 10 years already lol So we found one at tiger direct with a coupon discount and should work out well-I know cameras now have many more pixels in them too. I will probably get it by saturday or monday. I need the camera to share photos here and mostly to sell online.

I also put in adblock plus that several of you suggested and thank you-all the ads are gone on facebook now-I feel so much better now not being bombarded with ads. Living so rural and with nature and the wildlife I really do not have to put up with ads except while watching tv. Once you are away from towns or cities, a big city especially, on a daily basis you realize you don't need or want all that outside stuff that tries to sell you things or influence you insome way. Better for my mental health for sure.

When I first learned how to make the hexagons I really thought if I liked the process I would make a quilt using the civil war reproduction fabrics I already have. I had won a jelly roll (which is 2 1/2" strips wide) that will be perfect for cutting out these hexagons, it is one of Barbara Brackman's civil war fabric lines.
    I had pretty much decided on a possible pattern to use, but after reading a blog post from my friend Karen at Faeries and Fibers new quilt along project-I am thinking this will be perfect for what I want to do-and I will have a teacher along the way. How awesome is that?  
     Karen will also be teaching about choosing fabrics by values-which I have not paid much attention to before. I needed a value finder so I found a nice one at an art supply site online. 
     I have always had a good sense of picking out fabric for color combinations, but I think color values is important too-especially for this hexagon quilt.
       I have never been one to use a color wheel though, because I never wanted to be influenced by color in that way-if that makes sense-too limiting for me.
     So I am excited about making this new quilt. I need to check my stash and see what I have available for the background or "hexagon paths" I am going to choose the 3 paths she designed instead of just the one path.

   I also went into my fabric stash yesterday to see if I have any other pieces I wish to sell. I had purchased two gorgeous fabric pieces in soft blues that at the time was going to be the basis for the Kansas Troubles block-but looking at this again I don't want to make that-too many little triangles that I do not enjoy making-as they have to be sewn perfect to look right.
     Since I still love the fabric I dug out some quilt books to look for a simpler pattern, and I found the perfect one-I just need to find a few other fabrics to go with it-so I will probably want to start this while I am making the hexagon quilt. One is hand work and the other is with the sewing machine.

  Of course I need to finish my handmade journal so it will be ready to use, finish my hexagon coasters, and weave-and garden-and get the house spring cleaned and what ever else I get into-oh and I am constantly remembering my crazy quilt wool purse too-which I need to get started on.  I think I have plenty to keep my mind occupied-lol


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