Sunday, March 16, 2014

Winter Has Returned Today-But a Wonderful Spring Day Yesterday

   Yesterday was a perfect day to be out to enjoy the first city garage sale of the season and also the library's book sale.
    I almost was not going to go cause I wanted to keep working on removing the soil from the first raised bed so we can move it for better sunlight-but decided I needed to get out of the house. and I haven't missed this event for the last 10 years, and my friend and I always have fun at this.
   I don't have photos to show, but I was determined to really think about what I was buying-asking do I need it and will I use it?  I came away with several little bags of glass beads at a quarter and one for a dollar-which had a couple handmade beads in it, an odd wooden tool handmade in Belgium that I don't know what it is for-but has something to do with yarn or the sewing room I think, a package of needles made in England-which are very difficult to find these days-as  more and more of the major companies are having their needles made in china-(shame on them) Along with the beads I found a package with 6 or so cards of silk ribbon for ribbon embroidery-for a quarter-amazing! I also needed a new ironing board cover and I found one new in the package made of a thick duck cotton and made in the usa-I need one to use that does not have sticky residue on it from fiber art projects. lol
   After reading Shroo's tutorial on how to make an easy handmade journal from a used book-I was also on the hunt for a book. I have always wanted to make one and decided after seeing hers it would be fun to make and perfect for saving samples and information about my hand dyed yarns and fabrics-mostly with the natural dyes-which I hope to play with in earnest this summer.
    I found a book for a quarter at the garage sale-that wasn't exactly what I was looking for but would do. However when we went to the library book sale-I found 3 books at 50 cents each, that were exactly what I wanted. I think they were there just for me to find.
    The books came from a needlework set by time life books back in the early 70s. So they are large, and very sturdy books, so I won't need to deconstruct the binding or covers. They have gorgeous covers-and will just be perfect. I need to go on Etsy and find some handmade papers to use for my pages. All total I spent around $8.00 or less at both stops-cool!

Yesterday was also our friend Mr L's birthday party. Which is also the first bbq of the season for this group that gathers together. I had made three things to bring. A cabbage and pineapple salad, stuffed sweet peppers, and haystacks for the kids-made with chow mein noodles and dark chocolate and coconut. The food spread was amazing-and I could eat most of it (gluten free) Someone brought a huge crock pot full of venison stew with potatoes and carrots, Mr L brought a turkey he grilled on his bbq, and someone else brought a huge dish of pork loin-others brought several sides-and tons of sweets for the kids.

    Today a totally different weather story today though-high winds, rain, which has now turned to ice and sleet, and will change over to 2-5 inches of snow, and lower temps through the night with around 12 degrees f in the morning-I think old man winter is staying til the very end this year.

  This coming weekend one of our Wisconsin friends and his wife  are coming down for a visit-so that means I need to clean and clean-haven't done much over the winter-and it needs to be done anyways before spring and summer.

  Have an awesome new week!


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