Monday, March 3, 2014

Will Be Going Offline for a Bit This Week

Just wanted to drop a note, that hubby has my new computer put together for the most part-and now needs to back up this one-and then install everything on my new one.

I was waiting to have all the bills caught up-as I pay everything online now-before he starts. I told him whenever he has the time-to go ahead. So that means some down time for me-not getting on here. 

 Just wanted to post this note so there are no weather worries for me-everything is good here-the storm missed us and after today especially we will begin the warm up-so hoping this is the end of old man winter for this season. 
      I will also be gone all day tomorrow as I am going into the "big" city with my neighbor friend and that is always an all day project-its tax time, and health food store and Sams club, and of course some craft shops. See ya when I am back online


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