Saturday, March 1, 2014

We're Hunkering Down Waiting on the Weather & my Doings

  Happy Saturday everyone
     By now we were to have either rain or snow, and then the big winter event is to occur tomorrow. Depending on the line we will either be covered with ice-yikes don't want that, or covered with sleet and snow-a much better option; so it's a wait and see event. Where I live in the Ozarks allot of times we get missed-love that-lots of snow up by Kansas City area and StLouis, and below us the ice.  So we will just be prepared and wait and see-lol

   I have allot of bottles of water that I filled up-so I need to empty those and put in fresh water in case we need it for drinking or cooking water. I have the firewood rack filled to the top-so we are good there too. So what to do this weekend-onward hexies-lol  

   Thanks for all of your tips yesterday on my hexie questions. I worded my one question wrong about sewing through the papers. I knew when whip stitching one does not sew through the papers-but I have read about basting right on to the papers-which I like, but I have also seen just a few stitches not sew through the papers-I don't have the hang of that yet for keeping all the edges nice and secure.
   It did seem expensive to me to buy papers, but I am just not a precise cutter, so decided to try a bag of them, reuse them as much as I can and see how far the papers will take me.
   I really loved the tip on whip stitching with silk thread. I have a tube of neutrals that I bought for one of my applique 1800's quilts, but I am going to try it on these, I think it will give me a nicer whip stitch and less bulk of thread too as the seams are already rather bulky.
   Yippie-I sold all of my batik fat quarters to one quilter, and also kids soap on ebay yesterday morning-so that was uplifting-and gave me a little money again-to spend-lol I bought 4 more colors of silk thread that will work out great with my civil war fabrics-I found a chocolate brown and a turkey red-perfect!
    I will be going through  my fabric stash again this week to see what else I won't use and can sell. I know I have some yardage of batiks that I had bought for a particular quilt-but after I saw my neighbors quilt with the same pattern I didn't care for it-was a mystery quilt online. I know one piece had allot of birds in it-need to find that as my interests have moved on. 
      I have lots of homespuns and brushed cottons that I am going to work up into quilts for us-probably the Turning 20 original pattern-I have made many gift quilts from that pattern but none for us. It is a perfect pattern for me-large blocks and sews together fast-I am a very very slow quilter, and this pattern looks great tied.
    I am hoping to be able to de stash allot of my cottons so I will have space on one of my shelves for wool-my felted wool is spread out all over and I need to be able to see what colors I have, my room is just brimming over-it's like walking into a craft shop-lol
    My weaving has been calling to me this week as well-please come back and weave-lol Weaving was always my first love, just never made enough time for it-it's all warped and ready to go too-
    As always I have plenty of options to choose from to keep me occupied-

Enjoy your weekend!


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