Tuesday, March 25, 2014

We Missed the Snow-and Changes Coming in my Soap Shop

So glad I didn't wake up to snow this morning, like many of you did not too many miles away from me. Cold here but we got rain and a little frost instead.

We had a really nice weekend visiting with our Wisconsin friends. The weather was just warm enough so we could grill delicious food, and enjoy the outdoors a bit.

Friend Rob helped me with moving the second raised bed-and we refilled it with compost mixed into the soil. We also did that to all of my large pots. He also helped me bring over fencing and posts from my old garden so I can use those for pole beans, cucumbers, and peas. So am thrilled with my progress so far in the veggie garden.

After they left for home yesterday morning and it warmed up a bit, I spread the lime and also started adding the compost to my little garden. I want to be ready to go this spring. This is a small area so I am doing everything by hand-but I so need the exercise as I really gained inches over the winter and need to lose a few pounds as well. I don't remember gaining this much in inches before-so it was either do to my age or the fact that our house was on the cool side most of the winter, but it has to go  lol

I also wanted to thank you all again that gave me feedback for my soap shop on etsy. This is what I wrote on my facebook page concerning my Kathyinozarks Handmade Soap: Good morning, I have been gathering feedback on my shop, talking with friends and researching to help me improve my Kathyinozarks Handmade Soaps on Etsy.
I am rethinking my soap offerings, will be taking new photos, and setting up customized listings to make it easier for you to customize your soap to your preference as to natural soap base choices and fragrance choices. 
From the feedback I am learning that most of you prefer a plain soap to use and my "painted" highlighted detailed soaps to display in your guest bath but not to use-so I will be adjusting my soap offerings.
I will be placing my shop on vacation soon so I can you bring you a new and better place to shop for my handmade soaps.
Please feel free to contact me though if you are in need of soap when my shop does go on vacation. I am thinking in a week or two

What have you all been up to??


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