Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Such a Gorgeous Day Today

I was was outdoors way too long and I know better, but it was just so fabulous. Warm and sunny in the mid 70s today.

I did allot of raking of dried up oak leaves, also raked allot of gravel and small stones around. Snipped in control one of the areas of wisteria-which will totally take over everything if I don't. Got several wool throw rugs washed and they dried just fine on the fence. Tomorrow however, the temps will drop 30 to 40 degrees-so back to cold again.

The load of compost I ordered from our apprentice arrived-a huge pile-was two dump loads full for 50.00  I would spend that much buying bags of peat moss manure and bags of top soil-and this is soooo much nicer. He raises a few beef cattle so he composts it with the straw bedding and table scraps-can't wait to dig in and use it.  
     I am also planning on emptying the soil out of my two long raised beds and move them in to a better location. They are just too shaded where they are now. That will be a job but I can get more food out of it if I do it. Those worked well for spring salad veggies and onions so next warmish day I need to start on that so I can plant.
    The compost will be more than enough to add a thick layer in my little garden, refresh the big tubs that I have tomatoes and peppers in and also refresh the two raised beds. Hoping there will be enough left over that I can use on one side of my little garden to plant yarrow and other dye and herb plants-they will get more light there and won't take up garden space inside the fence. Don't think the deer will bother them.
   I am so ready for spring-how was your weather today?

Thursday I go in the dentist to get my fractured tooth repaired, He said it will be at least 2 hours. He will also put on a temporary crown so we can tell if that will take care of the pain. So glad he was able to fit me in this week.

I am going to be busy this week, so won't be around visiting as much as I would love to. enjoy your week


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