Monday, March 10, 2014

Poll and Opinions Please on my Kathyinozarks Soaps on Etsy-Opinions still welcome-drawing closed

I don't know how to set up a poll here, as I don't see anything in the line above where we write our post.

 I have mentioned this previously that I need to figure out why I can't sell soap-I love making it so I am giving my soap shop a year to turn around. I started a Facebook page just so I can promote my two shops-will take me a bit to figure all that out, and I need to get into my new computer.

  In the past few months I have lowered allot of the prices, and I have adjusted the shipping prices for first class instead of priority. The shipping tool on etsy is very difficult for the seller as they have to "guess" at the shipping price as the customer can not put in their zip code to get an accurate price like on Ebay.

  Please go to my soap shop-link in upper left hand column here-second shop, and browse around. Also please open up one of the soap listings-and on most I have added options so the customer can choose soap base and fragrance to create a soap to their liking. Is this too confusing? too many choices? I thought this would be a nice option-but perhaps not.

  Then please come back here and give me opinions, comments, suggestions-thanks. a few ideas:

1. First impression of my shop
2. Prices and shipping
3. Do you like the look of my soap?
4. Would you prefer more choices for soap with one color for the entire bar and not detail the soap? 
     I am asking this cause I have a friend say she did not like the look of my soaps, would rather have no detailing on the soap motif. This was a surprise to me, and I know one persons comment, but I would love honest comments on this
5. any other comments, suggestions you have to help me improve my shop

thanks everyone and for your help I will hold a drawing for all of those that give me giveback-

and the winner of a bar of soap is Gene  thanks again everyone for all of your comments and suggestions.


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