Friday, March 14, 2014

Is it Really Friday Already?

This week really flew by for  me. No bad weather here, thank goodness, but it is cooler and very windy. Rain coming in tomorrow.

Facebook-a place I didn't think I wanted to be. lol So many ads thrown on your page-and constantly-and do I know this person or that person-I don't like that on there. I went through settings to try and restrict some stuff-will see how that works out.  I did hook up with some old multiply friends that decided to stay on facebook and not find a blogging site. So that was good for me. I also hooked up with my brother.
    Most of my circle of friends went to Blogster to blog after the demise of Multiply. I never liked it there at all but stayed with it cause my friends were there-I finally deleted that account-and feel so good about doing it. One of the reasons I went on fb was to stay connected with a couple of friends that are not here.
  I have to say I really enjoy my blogging world here much better than fb-I have a couple friends that post silly stuff all day long-and I mean all day long-lol is that what most of you do there?  
   This will be an interesting learning curve for me, especially to get my fibers and soap pages found as I had to make seperate pages for them under my personal page which I did not want to do. and from my main page I haven't figured out how to direct friends to my shops

We keep running into little obstacles to get my new computer set up-we found an old keyboard and mouse finally that was not wireless. Now my monitor is outdated that there is no plug in for it on my new computer-so waiting for that. geez and my monitor is only a year old. Hopefully soon. I deleted all my photos off of here-so can't easily set up photos over on fb for my shops. Oh well all in due time LOL

My visit at the dentist yesterday went well, no pain this morning so that's a good sign. 

I have started to empty out my raised beds so I can move them-quite a task actually, but I need to get it done so I can plant some spring seeds. Hopefully today I can get one emptied and moved, or at the least emptied out.

Tomorrow is the annual huge garage sale at the civic center. and it is huge and is the event that tells us spring is on the way along with the upcoming season of garage sales. There is also a bbq birthday party for Mr L tomorrow.-and it is suppose to rain tomorrow afternoon-so will see what happens with that.

I am off to get my day going enjoy your weekend!


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