Sunday, March 2, 2014

I See a Finish on Mom's Quilt--and Really Cold Here Brrrrr

This morning, I brought out one of my little tea pots and made me a white tea; sounded better to me than decaf coffee. I have a collection of small tea pots just for me that make one to two cups-very fun to use, especially cold mornings like today.

Miss Calico is trying harder and harder this winter to become a house cat. I know she is lonely, she is going on 12 years old or more now, and especially in the winter months she would cuddle up with Nikita-Nikita was a Canadian and red wolf so she had lots of warm fur. So  I have been giving in and letting her sit with me in a chair by the wood stove either in the mornings or after supper. But once you give Miss Calico an inch of kindness she wants a mile-LOL  Once it is warmer again we will sit with her at a little table just outside the door, and she will be happy with that.

My mission this weekend was to tackle the embroidered words. I had chose to have my friend that embroidered them for me, to make them into ovals instead of rectangles. When I turned them and pressed-I did not like them that way at all inside the hearts
   So yesterday with kitty in my lap by the fire, I was able to get them apart from the interfacing-which was a task cause her sewing stitches were way too small. I have them all pinned down now except for the last four-so I am hoping to get all or most of them sewed down, then the label, then it can go in the wash and off to my brother. 

 (note click to enlarge photos)

  Last night while watching a series on Hallmark Channel, I started sewing more hexies and almost have one flower finished. The center of this one was a scrap of Japanese fabric and the outside hexies were a batik. I switched over to a straw needle made in England and silk thread-and really love this for whip stitching. The finer thread is just so much nicer for me, and I love the less bulky thread in the seams-I was using hand quilting thread before. My stitches are still showing a bit, but by the end of making these 4 coasters I hope to have that mastered.

Woke up to a dusting of snow but no ice-yeah! but very cold and will drop in temps all day today-we will be at 0 degrees F or lower tonight along with gusty winds-that just started here. Another cold one tomorrow and then the warm up begins again-I hope this is the last of these frigid winter temps. I know those north of me are getting hit pretty bad again with this latest storm too, worse than me-so stay warm and safe up there.

I am off to finish up the last 4 words and get busy sewing these down.

Happy Sunday!


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