Monday, March 10, 2014

Happy Monday & Starting a Facebook Page for my Etsy Shops

Good morning Monday. It's sunny, breezy, and warmer today here in the Ozarks-yeah!

I am getting ready to go to town to have my bad tooth re evaluated this morning, will be glad to know what he decides to do-and if I can afford it or not-will weigh my options.

I am so ready for spring so I can get to working again outdoors in the garden, and getting things straightened up. My house even though still under construction indoors needs a really good cleaning-and I am going to seriously start de stashing everything. I have no place to put things-so it is just going to have to go. I am finally tired of having no kitchen cabinets and no closets to work with. When the economy took a dive it really hurt us badly, and hubby had to go back to work full time in his business-so approaching 70 and with his health I can't push him to work on the house too, so I am just going to seriously look at what I can sell or get rid of.

I have also bit the bullet and decided to open up a Facebook account to help promote my two Etsy shops-mostly my soap shop but I also would love to get found for my hand dyes. 
    I have decided that if sales do not pick up for me with my soap I am going to close down my shop-I will give it another year and decide what I need to do. I really love making my soap but if I am not selling than it is too disappointing for me.
    Once I work through setting up my page there I will let you know how to find me. I do have my Etsy soap shop linked already. and my name there is Kathy Inozarks if that helps you find me-as I have no clue over there-lol My shops are listed under favorites in the left hand corner. 
   I noticed there is a news feed and a group feed or something on the right hand column on my Facebook page-is there anyway to get rid of all that? I don't want that stuff on my page.

I worked off and on sewing down the words for the quilt I have been working on over the weekend-so am now down to 7 more words. I am stitching around each word twice so taking longer.  I also am working on my next coaster which I am now whip stitching the two flowers together (cotton batting in the middle) I have not decided to totally commit to a quilt of hexies yet. I am loving the hexies though, so will find small projects to make first. I need to get started on an 1800's quilt and also on my crazy wool purse-so those are next after the quilt finish along with weaving-and hand dyeing once the weather permits.

I am off-oh and still don't have my new computer yet-we have everything gathered together and now we can't find an old keyboard-mine is wireless so is not going to work to set it up.


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