Saturday, March 29, 2014

Good Morning Saturday & a Little Catch Up

  Much colder this morning then they originally predicted-low 30's-which is too cold for me to work in the garden. Not to warm up into the 40s til noon or later, so I am anxious to get outdoors and get more of the compost into my little garden. I bought some onion sets that I want to get planted in the garden by Monday at the latest-as we have many chances for spring showers early next week.
   In my raised beds just before the big downpour of rain the other day I planted some spring greens, and veggie seeds on Thursday.
   Soooo I decided to treat us with a big breakfast-the kind we would order if we were to go out for breakfast-and then no gravy for me since it would not be gluten free.
   The menu was homemade sausage gravy with plain soy milk-no sugar etc added, biscuits for hubby and gluten free bread toasted for me. Eggs over easy, and hash browns fried up in olive oil and a bit of butter for flavor. Decaf coffee and a little keifer for me. Good eats for us! I don't do this very often. I was cold this morning even after getting the main wood stove going; so this breakfast definately warmed me up.
   I am putting myself on a diet this week-so this breakfast will keep me going for a day or two-lol  I usually gain a few pounds over winter but this year I gained a few pounds-about 7-plus like I had mentioned in a previous post- I also gained inches-so as the weather improves I will be doing allot more physical stuff again outdoors. I don't want to end up looking like an over weight senior-lol I am one of those people that can not tolerate myself being over weight. I will need to do exercises this time around to get back into shape though.
    Miss Calico is still enjoying sleeping with us every night. She has been really good too-when she needs to go-she let's us know in the early morning-and if one of us is up, she stands by the door til we let her out-a pretty smart kitty! Love that.
   Sorry I have been so AOL here on my blog. With friends visiting us last weekend from Wisconsin, working on getting the compost into my little garden, and exploring Facebook-I have neglected my friends here.
     I have avoided Facebook for years. I tried it a couple times before and so disliked it, mostly for the security reasons-this time around it seems to me the security issues are much better, at least they haven't gotton into my personal email so far.
    I have also connected up with so many old Multiply friends too, and with our Wisconsin friends now. I think I have also figured out now how to not follow someone-especially those that post stuff all day long-I don't want to read or see all that stuff,very overwhelming to get bombarded by all that-especially the political stuff. So far so good. 
     I also found a way to put  my Kathyinozarks Handmade Soap shop right onto my Facebook page for the soap-so I like that too.
  I am still not in my new computer. Hubby has had a stressful couple of weeks with his business, and he is getting ready for a trip to Oklahoma soon. There is a huge-very huge-gun show happening next week. He went last year and he and his friend had such a good time, that they are going again this spring. Hubby looks for scopes to re sell, and he acts as the adviser for his friend's purchases. I think he said there are like 1000 booths or so. We had one t shirt printed for him with the name of his business-so he ran into allot of his customers at the show last year; which was fun for him and his customers.
   The bummer about still being in my old computer is that hubby already took out my photo program so I can not update my shops with new photos or post photos yet-so I am thinking patience-lol
    Do any of you watch Hallmark's mini series? I love that channel when I am just in the mood for family entertainment-which is most of the time. I have been watching When Calls the Heart-and I just love that show-final of the season is tonight. Many are hoping for a second season. This summer Cedar Cove returns which I really enjoy watching too.
    Oh, and this past week I received happy mail. I love Happy Mail!! A surprise win of handmade ear rings from Kydo, and the handmade papers I ordered arrived too. 
     I always wanted to learn to make my own papers-but I have decided by the time I learn how to make quality papers, buy the things I need for it-I might as well support another artist and buy from them. 
    I ended up purchasing from two different paper makers on Etsy-and I love both of them. One is very thick which I wanted and it fits perfectly into the book I am going to use for my journal-but there were just 10 pages. The other papers are smaller and thinner but still have plenty of texture and I have more of those-so I am thinking of perhaps sewing these smaller pieces together to make the size page I need. Once I get into this project I will share photos. As I had mentioned in another post, the books I bought for this will be just perfect-they are large books, have cloth covers, and the theme of these time-life books was sewing, needlework-etc-so fits right into my hand dyed cloth and yarn journal.
   To get plenty of pages-the handmade papers are pricey-but I wanted at least one of these journals to be special. The others I will look into using heavy construction or card stock papers-to keep the price down.
    Looks like I have written a book already right here lol-Off to clean up the dishes and see if I can get outdoors soon. 
   Enjoy your weekend!

Evening Update: I bundled up and went outdoors around 11 am-I decided to rake up lots of leaves around the garden space and put those into my compost pile. That led to me finding more fencing. An iron head board which I managed to bring up and get into the garden myself. I dug out another fence that had fence posts on it and was able to bring that up to the garden space. A 6 foot long piece was a bit too hard to handle on my own-so hubby helped me get that one in place. I placed that one outside of the little garden-and will grow hummingbird plants that vine on that one.  Ended up working til 5 pm-a work out for sure-but felt good. Tomorrow promises to make it to the 70s-that would be awesome. I would like to get an area worked up tomorrow for the onion plants. 


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