Monday, March 3, 2014

Good Morning Monday

Allot of winter weather here in the states this season. Where I live we have the bitter cold but all the ice, sleet, and snow missed us. Not to far away though got quite allot, and states around us got hit hard again too-I guess it is moving east now.

I had planned to go to Springfield, Mo early tomorrow with my neighbor friend to get our taxes done and spend the day craft shopping etc, but will see how that city's roads end up later today.

Miss Calico spent the day and night with us. I tried to put her out last night but she just didn't want to-lol I don't blame her with wind chills at 17 below.
    I suggested that hubby take a nap yesterday afternoon-he works too many hours in his business and does not take any time off-so he did and kitty slept with him all afternoon. She sat with me last night by the wood stove and since it was so bitter cold out I gave in and set her at the end of the bed-she stayed put all  night.
   She used to be a house kitty when we found her when we first moved down to Missouri. She was always trying to get into the house, now that she is getting older and it's so cold out, I am giving in. She has all of her claws and is a little hunter, so I don't want her indoors unless she is supervised. Hopefully whenever it warms up again here to stay-she will be happy outdoors. an interesting development lol

I worked on the words, have them all pinned down and started sewing them down. Since they were cut into ovals, and I am now turning them into rectangles-some of the corners are not folding under nicely, and a couple I ran out of fabric on the corners-so I have decided to put embroidery stitches around the edges. Each word will have a different color of thread that picks up a color in the quilt. I call it my chicken scratch stitch-lol This is making the words a little heavier so may need to go back and put in a few hand quilting stitches inside the hearts. 
    A couple years ago when I was gathering items for crazy quilting I had purchased a huge bag of vintage 60's embroidery threads from a shop in France on Etsy. When I sorted them out-I ended up with cotton, wool, silk, and also threads that were acrylics or nylons. So I dug into that stash of synthetics for the threads.

  I have had a major tooth ache for a couple weeks now, I have a routine check up scheduled on Wednesday-so especially with the crazy weather I decided to wait and have it checked out then. I also have a major ear ache on the same side-partly from allergies I think and perhaps the tmj which I have not had issues with for years and years. I don't have any clove oil on hand so checking online they suggested tea tree oil-so I have been dipping a cotton swab into that and seems to numb the pain for a bit, especially at night.

  I fed the wild critters early yesterday and the birds were the only ones that showed up-too cold and windy for the others.

  Well enough rambling on-Have a good Monday everyone


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