Thursday, March 6, 2014

Good Morning-I'm Still on my Old Computer

  Good morning to you all!  I wanted to pop in this morning before I start uploading more photos that I want to keep off of my old computer.

   I forgot about the "free time" we have with out satelite service-it's around 2am til around 7am so thought I would try to do that now. I ended up deleting about half of my photos yesterday evening, especially ones that I had posted on my blog already.

   Our trip to Springfield was good-nice to get out of the woods a bit. The biggest  thing for me; our house has been colder than normal, we have had to be a bit conservative on the firewood this year, so the house in most rooms is probably around 65 degrees or less. So when we did our taxes I felt like it was summer again, and then at the restaurant same thing they must have had the temp set around 78 or higher-a heat wave for me lol.

   I was good and did not spend any money on beads or anything crafty except for a package of finger protectors when hand sewing. I have tried over the years but me and thimbles just don't work well together-I probably have acquired around a dozen of them-mostly from garage sale bags of sewing goodies, and have purchased a few as well-they are either too small or too big and just not comfortable for me. My neighbor friend was buying some for her and says she really likes them-they are little plastic ovals that you stick on your finger tips and they can be used several times before no longer sticky. A couple days ago I put a fine needle head through my finger tip-ouch-so will give it a go.

    The biggest spending spree for me when we go to Springfield is Sams Club and Mama Jeans Health food store. I can stock up on items for my gluten free baking, and I splurge and buy some gluten free breads for me-have not mastered baking good gluten free bread yet And I stock up on cheese,  lunch meats for the guys lunches etc. Sams club started to carry and at a really good price; virgin organic coconut oil, so I stocked up on that too as I only use coconut oil for all my baking now. I usually buy a couple packages of beef-roasts etc to put away in the freezer. They have good quality meat and at better prices-but this time all the beef started at $5.50 a pound-so nope we will do without. I still have a little venison left from a year ago that we can use this summer and hopefully the guys will get a couple spring turkey and fish to supplement.

  Yesterday was the dentist-I have had an extremely painful toothache for two weeks now. I knew I had my check up coming up so didn't want to go in an extra time. allas I do have to go back in when things settle down for another evaluation-as he thinks I cracked a tooth and will need a crown-sounds expensive to me. I also am having problems with the gums which is causing allot of pain and they said that won't improve. another sign of getting older I guess-sigh.

During the grow your blog event, I won handmade glass beads from purple cobwebs. They came in on Monday via royal mail-love that. She sent me colors that I can use on my crazy quilt purse project. Larry has disconnected all my camera stuff already so will share a photo once I get set up in my new computer. He is really busy with his work this week, and with warmer temps coming in on Friday-the guys are going trout fishing so I am thinking probably over the weekend for the switch.

Miss Calico turned into a house kitty for several days. She is getting older now and I think really lonely too; so when it was soooo cold we let her stay in the house-but supervised. For the most part she either slept at the foot of the bed or she slept in a chair near the wood stove. There was a couple days that she even told Larry to let her outside when she had to go-thought that was really cool. However, yesterday afternoon late I caught her doing her business on a rug in the bathroom-so that's not good-and quite surprised us, so she is back to being an outside kitty again (which she has been for 10 to 11 years now). The temps at night are now 30 degrees f and she has a suitcase I set up high with lots of wool blankets.

well I have written a book already so off to upload photos-

Back again-lol  One thing I forgot to mention-I had been placing allot of blogs that I want to keep in contact with into bloglovin, and then the ones that have become friends with or I really want to stay connected with I placed here on my blog list. 
    Well after the grow your blog party my bloglovin became overloaded. 100 posts a day or more-wow-I just don't have the time to keep up with everyone-although I really want to in most cases. I also realized I had allot of duplicates-on bloglovin and on my blog list. 
    Reading off my blog list is actually more convenient to read cause the newest is right on top-and its right there.
     So I have been working on deleting the duplicates out of bloglovin, and bringing over more blogs here-so as a result-I am behind on reading you-so please forgive me for that.


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