Monday, March 17, 2014

A Quilt Finish-No Photos Yet Though

The before dementia memory quilt of my Mom is now finished-even washed and dried. I love the way a quilt just "finishes up" after being washed. Same thing with weaving-for me it is not finished til it is washed and dried-always give the piece character and a finish.

I did take a couple photos, but hubby has emptied out allot of stuff on this old computer already-not realizing we were missing some things we needed for the new one. So once I am in my new computer I will post a blog of photo catch ups.

I went on Etsy to look for handmade papers over the weekend and this morning, to buy for my hand dye sample journal I am going to make. One shop I really liked but she did not get back to me yet today to answer my questions, so I looked around and found another shop that was very helpful, and explaining to her what I wanted to do with the papers she directed me to ones she makes that will work the best. So now I am excited to get them-lol and I want them in my mailbox pronto-(laughing)
   Then right after I placed my order, the first seller got back to me-I love her papers too-so I ended up buying one set of hers. She had papers made with cotton added along with allot of plant materials showing in the paper so I really wanted those too-so now I have plenty of papers. I did buy three matching books to make journals so will see how many pages I want to put into each book-I am ready to make journals-

Those of you that create things-do you bounce all over the place? I really do-so probably why I have unfinished projects-oh well-makes life interesting for me. After I read Shroo's tutorial on an easy journal to make-I just had to make one. I have been wanting to make one-but just hadn't gotten my mind around doing a binding and all that-her method is just perfect for want I need it for. So I can't wait to make this now. I want to have it all ready before I start my hand dye projects-and I have lots in mind.

Now that my quilt has a finish, I will be back to sewing up my 4 new hexie coasters for a finish on those-and then decide if I want to commit to a whole quilt or not. My weaving is really calling me too still-so after our friends are here this coming weekend that following week I need to check out my loom and see if its ready to go-I was having some problems with it last summer.

Yesterday was a very wintry mix of sleet, snow, blowing winds, and cold-today the sun is out and in the 30s. Miss Calico enjoyed hanging out with us again for most of the day and night-and again this morning when it was so cold-around 12 degrees-I think she is getting spoiled in her senior years.-that's ok we all need to get spoiled.

I have to say I am enjoying fb more this time around. One of my multiply friends suggested a program to download that will eliminate the ads-I just don't like being bombarded by ads that I don't want. so will have hubby put that in when he sets up my computer. I am also working around getting bombarded with silly posts all day long from some friends that I have no interest in-that's good for me too. I have also looked for several groups and found lots for etsy shops, canning, herbs, etc. so those will be informative and helpful.  I can see though how some would be on fb all day long-especially those into games-which I wish I could eliminate all that too. a generation gap on my part I suppose. I was brought up the "old way" that pool tables, booze and cards, games were "sinful" - I know I am dating myself for sure now lol

Happy Monday everyone!


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