Monday, March 31, 2014

A Few Photos

Wow I discovered I still have a basic photo program here in my old computer-it does not edit well but at least I can download photos off my camera, and post here again-

I really do need to understand computers better. LOL

The Quilt Finish-I sent this off to my brother-who wants to use it as a wall hanging-I had thought of making a sleeve for the back before I sent it-but was hoping he would just use it instead.

 (I blocked out our last names)

The handmade glass beads I won from the Grow Your Blog Party and she added those too sweet fish-perfect for my wool crazy quilt project-which I need to start soon.

I also won some beautiful ear rings which I will take a photo of soon

The three Time-Life Books I bought at the library sale to make journals with-the covers of these are fabric-and I love that these books are large.

 A photo of wild turkeys that I took a few weeks ago. If you enlarge you will be able to see them better. We are having 3 hens that usually come once a day now, and different groups of jakes and gobblers that come often as well. So happy to see the turkeys in our back yard again-we really enjoy them.


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