Monday, March 31, 2014

A Few Photos

Wow I discovered I still have a basic photo program here in my old computer-it does not edit well but at least I can download photos off my camera, and post here again-

I really do need to understand computers better. LOL

The Quilt Finish-I sent this off to my brother-who wants to use it as a wall hanging-I had thought of making a sleeve for the back before I sent it-but was hoping he would just use it instead.

 (I blocked out our last names)

The handmade glass beads I won from the Grow Your Blog Party and she added those too sweet fish-perfect for my wool crazy quilt project-which I need to start soon.

I also won some beautiful ear rings which I will take a photo of soon

The three Time-Life Books I bought at the library sale to make journals with-the covers of these are fabric-and I love that these books are large.

 A photo of wild turkeys that I took a few weeks ago. If you enlarge you will be able to see them better. We are having 3 hens that usually come once a day now, and different groups of jakes and gobblers that come often as well. So happy to see the turkeys in our back yard again-we really enjoy them.

Blog Anniversary Giveaway at my Friend's Blog

  If you haven't met my friend Karen yet at Faeries and Fibers please stop by to congratulate her on her first year anniversary with her blog.
   She is an amazing quilter and has inspired me to learn new things and be better in my quilt projects. Karen shares excellent tutorials too. 
     She is giving away a gift certificate to Superior threads and another drawing for focus fabric-perfect for hexies.
   So stop by and say hi to Karen at Faeries and Fibers

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Good Morning Saturday & a Little Catch Up

  Much colder this morning then they originally predicted-low 30's-which is too cold for me to work in the garden. Not to warm up into the 40s til noon or later, so I am anxious to get outdoors and get more of the compost into my little garden. I bought some onion sets that I want to get planted in the garden by Monday at the latest-as we have many chances for spring showers early next week.
   In my raised beds just before the big downpour of rain the other day I planted some spring greens, and veggie seeds on Thursday.
   Soooo I decided to treat us with a big breakfast-the kind we would order if we were to go out for breakfast-and then no gravy for me since it would not be gluten free.
   The menu was homemade sausage gravy with plain soy milk-no sugar etc added, biscuits for hubby and gluten free bread toasted for me. Eggs over easy, and hash browns fried up in olive oil and a bit of butter for flavor. Decaf coffee and a little keifer for me. Good eats for us! I don't do this very often. I was cold this morning even after getting the main wood stove going; so this breakfast definately warmed me up.
   I am putting myself on a diet this week-so this breakfast will keep me going for a day or two-lol  I usually gain a few pounds over winter but this year I gained a few pounds-about 7-plus like I had mentioned in a previous post- I also gained inches-so as the weather improves I will be doing allot more physical stuff again outdoors. I don't want to end up looking like an over weight senior-lol I am one of those people that can not tolerate myself being over weight. I will need to do exercises this time around to get back into shape though.
    Miss Calico is still enjoying sleeping with us every night. She has been really good too-when she needs to go-she let's us know in the early morning-and if one of us is up, she stands by the door til we let her out-a pretty smart kitty! Love that.
   Sorry I have been so AOL here on my blog. With friends visiting us last weekend from Wisconsin, working on getting the compost into my little garden, and exploring Facebook-I have neglected my friends here.
     I have avoided Facebook for years. I tried it a couple times before and so disliked it, mostly for the security reasons-this time around it seems to me the security issues are much better, at least they haven't gotton into my personal email so far.
    I have also connected up with so many old Multiply friends too, and with our Wisconsin friends now. I think I have also figured out now how to not follow someone-especially those that post stuff all day long-I don't want to read or see all that stuff,very overwhelming to get bombarded by all that-especially the political stuff. So far so good. 
     I also found a way to put  my Kathyinozarks Handmade Soap shop right onto my Facebook page for the soap-so I like that too.
  I am still not in my new computer. Hubby has had a stressful couple of weeks with his business, and he is getting ready for a trip to Oklahoma soon. There is a huge-very huge-gun show happening next week. He went last year and he and his friend had such a good time, that they are going again this spring. Hubby looks for scopes to re sell, and he acts as the adviser for his friend's purchases. I think he said there are like 1000 booths or so. We had one t shirt printed for him with the name of his business-so he ran into allot of his customers at the show last year; which was fun for him and his customers.
   The bummer about still being in my old computer is that hubby already took out my photo program so I can not update my shops with new photos or post photos yet-so I am thinking patience-lol
    Do any of you watch Hallmark's mini series? I love that channel when I am just in the mood for family entertainment-which is most of the time. I have been watching When Calls the Heart-and I just love that show-final of the season is tonight. Many are hoping for a second season. This summer Cedar Cove returns which I really enjoy watching too.
    Oh, and this past week I received happy mail. I love Happy Mail!! A surprise win of handmade ear rings from Kydo, and the handmade papers I ordered arrived too. 
     I always wanted to learn to make my own papers-but I have decided by the time I learn how to make quality papers, buy the things I need for it-I might as well support another artist and buy from them. 
    I ended up purchasing from two different paper makers on Etsy-and I love both of them. One is very thick which I wanted and it fits perfectly into the book I am going to use for my journal-but there were just 10 pages. The other papers are smaller and thinner but still have plenty of texture and I have more of those-so I am thinking of perhaps sewing these smaller pieces together to make the size page I need. Once I get into this project I will share photos. As I had mentioned in another post, the books I bought for this will be just perfect-they are large books, have cloth covers, and the theme of these time-life books was sewing, needlework-etc-so fits right into my hand dyed cloth and yarn journal.
   To get plenty of pages-the handmade papers are pricey-but I wanted at least one of these journals to be special. The others I will look into using heavy construction or card stock papers-to keep the price down.
    Looks like I have written a book already right here lol-Off to clean up the dishes and see if I can get outdoors soon. 
   Enjoy your weekend!

Evening Update: I bundled up and went outdoors around 11 am-I decided to rake up lots of leaves around the garden space and put those into my compost pile. That led to me finding more fencing. An iron head board which I managed to bring up and get into the garden myself. I dug out another fence that had fence posts on it and was able to bring that up to the garden space. A 6 foot long piece was a bit too hard to handle on my own-so hubby helped me get that one in place. I placed that one outside of the little garden-and will grow hummingbird plants that vine on that one.  Ended up working til 5 pm-a work out for sure-but felt good. Tomorrow promises to make it to the 70s-that would be awesome. I would like to get an area worked up tomorrow for the onion plants. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

We Missed the Snow-and Changes Coming in my Soap Shop

So glad I didn't wake up to snow this morning, like many of you did not too many miles away from me. Cold here but we got rain and a little frost instead.

We had a really nice weekend visiting with our Wisconsin friends. The weather was just warm enough so we could grill delicious food, and enjoy the outdoors a bit.

Friend Rob helped me with moving the second raised bed-and we refilled it with compost mixed into the soil. We also did that to all of my large pots. He also helped me bring over fencing and posts from my old garden so I can use those for pole beans, cucumbers, and peas. So am thrilled with my progress so far in the veggie garden.

After they left for home yesterday morning and it warmed up a bit, I spread the lime and also started adding the compost to my little garden. I want to be ready to go this spring. This is a small area so I am doing everything by hand-but I so need the exercise as I really gained inches over the winter and need to lose a few pounds as well. I don't remember gaining this much in inches before-so it was either do to my age or the fact that our house was on the cool side most of the winter, but it has to go  lol

I also wanted to thank you all again that gave me feedback for my soap shop on etsy. This is what I wrote on my facebook page concerning my Kathyinozarks Handmade Soap: Good morning, I have been gathering feedback on my shop, talking with friends and researching to help me improve my Kathyinozarks Handmade Soaps on Etsy.
I am rethinking my soap offerings, will be taking new photos, and setting up customized listings to make it easier for you to customize your soap to your preference as to natural soap base choices and fragrance choices. 
From the feedback I am learning that most of you prefer a plain soap to use and my "painted" highlighted detailed soaps to display in your guest bath but not to use-so I will be adjusting my soap offerings.
I will be placing my shop on vacation soon so I can you bring you a new and better place to shop for my handmade soaps.
Please feel free to contact me though if you are in need of soap when my shop does go on vacation. I am thinking in a week or two

What have you all been up to??

Monday, March 17, 2014

A Quilt Finish-No Photos Yet Though

The before dementia memory quilt of my Mom is now finished-even washed and dried. I love the way a quilt just "finishes up" after being washed. Same thing with weaving-for me it is not finished til it is washed and dried-always give the piece character and a finish.

I did take a couple photos, but hubby has emptied out allot of stuff on this old computer already-not realizing we were missing some things we needed for the new one. So once I am in my new computer I will post a blog of photo catch ups.

I went on Etsy to look for handmade papers over the weekend and this morning, to buy for my hand dye sample journal I am going to make. One shop I really liked but she did not get back to me yet today to answer my questions, so I looked around and found another shop that was very helpful, and explaining to her what I wanted to do with the papers she directed me to ones she makes that will work the best. So now I am excited to get them-lol and I want them in my mailbox pronto-(laughing)
   Then right after I placed my order, the first seller got back to me-I love her papers too-so I ended up buying one set of hers. She had papers made with cotton added along with allot of plant materials showing in the paper so I really wanted those too-so now I have plenty of papers. I did buy three matching books to make journals so will see how many pages I want to put into each book-I am ready to make journals-

Those of you that create things-do you bounce all over the place? I really do-so probably why I have unfinished projects-oh well-makes life interesting for me. After I read Shroo's tutorial on an easy journal to make-I just had to make one. I have been wanting to make one-but just hadn't gotten my mind around doing a binding and all that-her method is just perfect for want I need it for. So I can't wait to make this now. I want to have it all ready before I start my hand dye projects-and I have lots in mind.

Now that my quilt has a finish, I will be back to sewing up my 4 new hexie coasters for a finish on those-and then decide if I want to commit to a whole quilt or not. My weaving is really calling me too still-so after our friends are here this coming weekend that following week I need to check out my loom and see if its ready to go-I was having some problems with it last summer.

Yesterday was a very wintry mix of sleet, snow, blowing winds, and cold-today the sun is out and in the 30s. Miss Calico enjoyed hanging out with us again for most of the day and night-and again this morning when it was so cold-around 12 degrees-I think she is getting spoiled in her senior years.-that's ok we all need to get spoiled.

I have to say I am enjoying fb more this time around. One of my multiply friends suggested a program to download that will eliminate the ads-I just don't like being bombarded by ads that I don't want. so will have hubby put that in when he sets up my computer. I am also working around getting bombarded with silly posts all day long from some friends that I have no interest in-that's good for me too. I have also looked for several groups and found lots for etsy shops, canning, herbs, etc. so those will be informative and helpful.  I can see though how some would be on fb all day long-especially those into games-which I wish I could eliminate all that too. a generation gap on my part I suppose. I was brought up the "old way" that pool tables, booze and cards, games were "sinful" - I know I am dating myself for sure now lol

Happy Monday everyone!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Winter Has Returned Today-But a Wonderful Spring Day Yesterday

   Yesterday was a perfect day to be out to enjoy the first city garage sale of the season and also the library's book sale.
    I almost was not going to go cause I wanted to keep working on removing the soil from the first raised bed so we can move it for better sunlight-but decided I needed to get out of the house. and I haven't missed this event for the last 10 years, and my friend and I always have fun at this.
   I don't have photos to show, but I was determined to really think about what I was buying-asking do I need it and will I use it?  I came away with several little bags of glass beads at a quarter and one for a dollar-which had a couple handmade beads in it, an odd wooden tool handmade in Belgium that I don't know what it is for-but has something to do with yarn or the sewing room I think, a package of needles made in England-which are very difficult to find these days-as  more and more of the major companies are having their needles made in china-(shame on them) Along with the beads I found a package with 6 or so cards of silk ribbon for ribbon embroidery-for a quarter-amazing! I also needed a new ironing board cover and I found one new in the package made of a thick duck cotton and made in the usa-I need one to use that does not have sticky residue on it from fiber art projects. lol
   After reading Shroo's tutorial on how to make an easy handmade journal from a used book-I was also on the hunt for a book. I have always wanted to make one and decided after seeing hers it would be fun to make and perfect for saving samples and information about my hand dyed yarns and fabrics-mostly with the natural dyes-which I hope to play with in earnest this summer.
    I found a book for a quarter at the garage sale-that wasn't exactly what I was looking for but would do. However when we went to the library book sale-I found 3 books at 50 cents each, that were exactly what I wanted. I think they were there just for me to find.
    The books came from a needlework set by time life books back in the early 70s. So they are large, and very sturdy books, so I won't need to deconstruct the binding or covers. They have gorgeous covers-and will just be perfect. I need to go on Etsy and find some handmade papers to use for my pages. All total I spent around $8.00 or less at both stops-cool!

Yesterday was also our friend Mr L's birthday party. Which is also the first bbq of the season for this group that gathers together. I had made three things to bring. A cabbage and pineapple salad, stuffed sweet peppers, and haystacks for the kids-made with chow mein noodles and dark chocolate and coconut. The food spread was amazing-and I could eat most of it (gluten free) Someone brought a huge crock pot full of venison stew with potatoes and carrots, Mr L brought a turkey he grilled on his bbq, and someone else brought a huge dish of pork loin-others brought several sides-and tons of sweets for the kids.

    Today a totally different weather story today though-high winds, rain, which has now turned to ice and sleet, and will change over to 2-5 inches of snow, and lower temps through the night with around 12 degrees f in the morning-I think old man winter is staying til the very end this year.

  This coming weekend one of our Wisconsin friends and his wife  are coming down for a visit-so that means I need to clean and clean-haven't done much over the winter-and it needs to be done anyways before spring and summer.

  Have an awesome new week!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Is it Really Friday Already?

This week really flew by for  me. No bad weather here, thank goodness, but it is cooler and very windy. Rain coming in tomorrow.

Facebook-a place I didn't think I wanted to be. lol So many ads thrown on your page-and constantly-and do I know this person or that person-I don't like that on there. I went through settings to try and restrict some stuff-will see how that works out.  I did hook up with some old multiply friends that decided to stay on facebook and not find a blogging site. So that was good for me. I also hooked up with my brother.
    Most of my circle of friends went to Blogster to blog after the demise of Multiply. I never liked it there at all but stayed with it cause my friends were there-I finally deleted that account-and feel so good about doing it. One of the reasons I went on fb was to stay connected with a couple of friends that are not here.
  I have to say I really enjoy my blogging world here much better than fb-I have a couple friends that post silly stuff all day long-and I mean all day long-lol is that what most of you do there?  
   This will be an interesting learning curve for me, especially to get my fibers and soap pages found as I had to make seperate pages for them under my personal page which I did not want to do. and from my main page I haven't figured out how to direct friends to my shops

We keep running into little obstacles to get my new computer set up-we found an old keyboard and mouse finally that was not wireless. Now my monitor is outdated that there is no plug in for it on my new computer-so waiting for that. geez and my monitor is only a year old. Hopefully soon. I deleted all my photos off of here-so can't easily set up photos over on fb for my shops. Oh well all in due time LOL

My visit at the dentist yesterday went well, no pain this morning so that's a good sign. 

I have started to empty out my raised beds so I can move them-quite a task actually, but I need to get it done so I can plant some spring seeds. Hopefully today I can get one emptied and moved, or at the least emptied out.

Tomorrow is the annual huge garage sale at the civic center. and it is huge and is the event that tells us spring is on the way along with the upcoming season of garage sales. There is also a bbq birthday party for Mr L tomorrow.-and it is suppose to rain tomorrow afternoon-so will see what happens with that.

I am off to get my day going enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Such a Gorgeous Day Today

I was was outdoors way too long and I know better, but it was just so fabulous. Warm and sunny in the mid 70s today.

I did allot of raking of dried up oak leaves, also raked allot of gravel and small stones around. Snipped in control one of the areas of wisteria-which will totally take over everything if I don't. Got several wool throw rugs washed and they dried just fine on the fence. Tomorrow however, the temps will drop 30 to 40 degrees-so back to cold again.

The load of compost I ordered from our apprentice arrived-a huge pile-was two dump loads full for 50.00  I would spend that much buying bags of peat moss manure and bags of top soil-and this is soooo much nicer. He raises a few beef cattle so he composts it with the straw bedding and table scraps-can't wait to dig in and use it.  
     I am also planning on emptying the soil out of my two long raised beds and move them in to a better location. They are just too shaded where they are now. That will be a job but I can get more food out of it if I do it. Those worked well for spring salad veggies and onions so next warmish day I need to start on that so I can plant.
    The compost will be more than enough to add a thick layer in my little garden, refresh the big tubs that I have tomatoes and peppers in and also refresh the two raised beds. Hoping there will be enough left over that I can use on one side of my little garden to plant yarrow and other dye and herb plants-they will get more light there and won't take up garden space inside the fence. Don't think the deer will bother them.
   I am so ready for spring-how was your weather today?

Thursday I go in the dentist to get my fractured tooth repaired, He said it will be at least 2 hours. He will also put on a temporary crown so we can tell if that will take care of the pain. So glad he was able to fit me in this week.

I am going to be busy this week, so won't be around visiting as much as I would love to. enjoy your week

Monday, March 10, 2014

Poll and Opinions Please on my Kathyinozarks Soaps on Etsy-Opinions still welcome-drawing closed

I don't know how to set up a poll here, as I don't see anything in the line above where we write our post.

 I have mentioned this previously that I need to figure out why I can't sell soap-I love making it so I am giving my soap shop a year to turn around. I started a Facebook page just so I can promote my two shops-will take me a bit to figure all that out, and I need to get into my new computer.

  In the past few months I have lowered allot of the prices, and I have adjusted the shipping prices for first class instead of priority. The shipping tool on etsy is very difficult for the seller as they have to "guess" at the shipping price as the customer can not put in their zip code to get an accurate price like on Ebay.

  Please go to my soap shop-link in upper left hand column here-second shop, and browse around. Also please open up one of the soap listings-and on most I have added options so the customer can choose soap base and fragrance to create a soap to their liking. Is this too confusing? too many choices? I thought this would be a nice option-but perhaps not.

  Then please come back here and give me opinions, comments, suggestions-thanks. a few ideas:

1. First impression of my shop
2. Prices and shipping
3. Do you like the look of my soap?
4. Would you prefer more choices for soap with one color for the entire bar and not detail the soap? 
     I am asking this cause I have a friend say she did not like the look of my soaps, would rather have no detailing on the soap motif. This was a surprise to me, and I know one persons comment, but I would love honest comments on this
5. any other comments, suggestions you have to help me improve my shop

thanks everyone and for your help I will hold a drawing for all of those that give me giveback-

and the winner of a bar of soap is Gene  thanks again everyone for all of your comments and suggestions.

Happy Monday & Starting a Facebook Page for my Etsy Shops

Good morning Monday. It's sunny, breezy, and warmer today here in the Ozarks-yeah!

I am getting ready to go to town to have my bad tooth re evaluated this morning, will be glad to know what he decides to do-and if I can afford it or not-will weigh my options.

I am so ready for spring so I can get to working again outdoors in the garden, and getting things straightened up. My house even though still under construction indoors needs a really good cleaning-and I am going to seriously start de stashing everything. I have no place to put things-so it is just going to have to go. I am finally tired of having no kitchen cabinets and no closets to work with. When the economy took a dive it really hurt us badly, and hubby had to go back to work full time in his business-so approaching 70 and with his health I can't push him to work on the house too, so I am just going to seriously look at what I can sell or get rid of.

I have also bit the bullet and decided to open up a Facebook account to help promote my two Etsy shops-mostly my soap shop but I also would love to get found for my hand dyes. 
    I have decided that if sales do not pick up for me with my soap I am going to close down my shop-I will give it another year and decide what I need to do. I really love making my soap but if I am not selling than it is too disappointing for me.
    Once I work through setting up my page there I will let you know how to find me. I do have my Etsy soap shop linked already. and my name there is Kathy Inozarks if that helps you find me-as I have no clue over there-lol My shops are listed under favorites in the left hand corner. 
   I noticed there is a news feed and a group feed or something on the right hand column on my Facebook page-is there anyway to get rid of all that? I don't want that stuff on my page.

I worked off and on sewing down the words for the quilt I have been working on over the weekend-so am now down to 7 more words. I am stitching around each word twice so taking longer.  I also am working on my next coaster which I am now whip stitching the two flowers together (cotton batting in the middle) I have not decided to totally commit to a quilt of hexies yet. I am loving the hexies though, so will find small projects to make first. I need to get started on an 1800's quilt and also on my crazy wool purse-so those are next after the quilt finish along with weaving-and hand dyeing once the weather permits.

I am off-oh and still don't have my new computer yet-we have everything gathered together and now we can't find an old keyboard-mine is wireless so is not going to work to set it up.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Good Morning-I'm Still on my Old Computer

  Good morning to you all!  I wanted to pop in this morning before I start uploading more photos that I want to keep off of my old computer.

   I forgot about the "free time" we have with out satelite service-it's around 2am til around 7am so thought I would try to do that now. I ended up deleting about half of my photos yesterday evening, especially ones that I had posted on my blog already.

   Our trip to Springfield was good-nice to get out of the woods a bit. The biggest  thing for me; our house has been colder than normal, we have had to be a bit conservative on the firewood this year, so the house in most rooms is probably around 65 degrees or less. So when we did our taxes I felt like it was summer again, and then at the restaurant same thing they must have had the temp set around 78 or higher-a heat wave for me lol.

   I was good and did not spend any money on beads or anything crafty except for a package of finger protectors when hand sewing. I have tried over the years but me and thimbles just don't work well together-I probably have acquired around a dozen of them-mostly from garage sale bags of sewing goodies, and have purchased a few as well-they are either too small or too big and just not comfortable for me. My neighbor friend was buying some for her and says she really likes them-they are little plastic ovals that you stick on your finger tips and they can be used several times before no longer sticky. A couple days ago I put a fine needle head through my finger tip-ouch-so will give it a go.

    The biggest spending spree for me when we go to Springfield is Sams Club and Mama Jeans Health food store. I can stock up on items for my gluten free baking, and I splurge and buy some gluten free breads for me-have not mastered baking good gluten free bread yet And I stock up on cheese,  lunch meats for the guys lunches etc. Sams club started to carry and at a really good price; virgin organic coconut oil, so I stocked up on that too as I only use coconut oil for all my baking now. I usually buy a couple packages of beef-roasts etc to put away in the freezer. They have good quality meat and at better prices-but this time all the beef started at $5.50 a pound-so nope we will do without. I still have a little venison left from a year ago that we can use this summer and hopefully the guys will get a couple spring turkey and fish to supplement.

  Yesterday was the dentist-I have had an extremely painful toothache for two weeks now. I knew I had my check up coming up so didn't want to go in an extra time. allas I do have to go back in when things settle down for another evaluation-as he thinks I cracked a tooth and will need a crown-sounds expensive to me. I also am having problems with the gums which is causing allot of pain and they said that won't improve. another sign of getting older I guess-sigh.

During the grow your blog event, I won handmade glass beads from purple cobwebs. They came in on Monday via royal mail-love that. She sent me colors that I can use on my crazy quilt purse project. Larry has disconnected all my camera stuff already so will share a photo once I get set up in my new computer. He is really busy with his work this week, and with warmer temps coming in on Friday-the guys are going trout fishing so I am thinking probably over the weekend for the switch.

Miss Calico turned into a house kitty for several days. She is getting older now and I think really lonely too; so when it was soooo cold we let her stay in the house-but supervised. For the most part she either slept at the foot of the bed or she slept in a chair near the wood stove. There was a couple days that she even told Larry to let her outside when she had to go-thought that was really cool. However, yesterday afternoon late I caught her doing her business on a rug in the bathroom-so that's not good-and quite surprised us, so she is back to being an outside kitty again (which she has been for 10 to 11 years now). The temps at night are now 30 degrees f and she has a suitcase I set up high with lots of wool blankets.

well I have written a book already so off to upload photos-

Back again-lol  One thing I forgot to mention-I had been placing allot of blogs that I want to keep in contact with into bloglovin, and then the ones that have become friends with or I really want to stay connected with I placed here on my blog list. 
    Well after the grow your blog party my bloglovin became overloaded. 100 posts a day or more-wow-I just don't have the time to keep up with everyone-although I really want to in most cases. I also realized I had allot of duplicates-on bloglovin and on my blog list. 
    Reading off my blog list is actually more convenient to read cause the newest is right on top-and its right there.
     So I have been working on deleting the duplicates out of bloglovin, and bringing over more blogs here-so as a result-I am behind on reading you-so please forgive me for that.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Will Be Going Offline for a Bit This Week

Just wanted to drop a note, that hubby has my new computer put together for the most part-and now needs to back up this one-and then install everything on my new one.

I was waiting to have all the bills caught up-as I pay everything online now-before he starts. I told him whenever he has the time-to go ahead. So that means some down time for me-not getting on here. 

 Just wanted to post this note so there are no weather worries for me-everything is good here-the storm missed us and after today especially we will begin the warm up-so hoping this is the end of old man winter for this season. 
      I will also be gone all day tomorrow as I am going into the "big" city with my neighbor friend and that is always an all day project-its tax time, and health food store and Sams club, and of course some craft shops. See ya when I am back online

Good Morning Monday

Allot of winter weather here in the states this season. Where I live we have the bitter cold but all the ice, sleet, and snow missed us. Not to far away though got quite allot, and states around us got hit hard again too-I guess it is moving east now.

I had planned to go to Springfield, Mo early tomorrow with my neighbor friend to get our taxes done and spend the day craft shopping etc, but will see how that city's roads end up later today.

Miss Calico spent the day and night with us. I tried to put her out last night but she just didn't want to-lol I don't blame her with wind chills at 17 below.
    I suggested that hubby take a nap yesterday afternoon-he works too many hours in his business and does not take any time off-so he did and kitty slept with him all afternoon. She sat with me last night by the wood stove and since it was so bitter cold out I gave in and set her at the end of the bed-she stayed put all  night.
   She used to be a house kitty when we found her when we first moved down to Missouri. She was always trying to get into the house, now that she is getting older and it's so cold out, I am giving in. She has all of her claws and is a little hunter, so I don't want her indoors unless she is supervised. Hopefully whenever it warms up again here to stay-she will be happy outdoors. an interesting development lol

I worked on the words, have them all pinned down and started sewing them down. Since they were cut into ovals, and I am now turning them into rectangles-some of the corners are not folding under nicely, and a couple I ran out of fabric on the corners-so I have decided to put embroidery stitches around the edges. Each word will have a different color of thread that picks up a color in the quilt. I call it my chicken scratch stitch-lol This is making the words a little heavier so may need to go back and put in a few hand quilting stitches inside the hearts. 
    A couple years ago when I was gathering items for crazy quilting I had purchased a huge bag of vintage 60's embroidery threads from a shop in France on Etsy. When I sorted them out-I ended up with cotton, wool, silk, and also threads that were acrylics or nylons. So I dug into that stash of synthetics for the threads.

  I have had a major tooth ache for a couple weeks now, I have a routine check up scheduled on Wednesday-so especially with the crazy weather I decided to wait and have it checked out then. I also have a major ear ache on the same side-partly from allergies I think and perhaps the tmj which I have not had issues with for years and years. I don't have any clove oil on hand so checking online they suggested tea tree oil-so I have been dipping a cotton swab into that and seems to numb the pain for a bit, especially at night.

  I fed the wild critters early yesterday and the birds were the only ones that showed up-too cold and windy for the others.

  Well enough rambling on-Have a good Monday everyone

Sunday, March 2, 2014

I See a Finish on Mom's Quilt--and Really Cold Here Brrrrr

This morning, I brought out one of my little tea pots and made me a white tea; sounded better to me than decaf coffee. I have a collection of small tea pots just for me that make one to two cups-very fun to use, especially cold mornings like today.

Miss Calico is trying harder and harder this winter to become a house cat. I know she is lonely, she is going on 12 years old or more now, and especially in the winter months she would cuddle up with Nikita-Nikita was a Canadian and red wolf so she had lots of warm fur. So  I have been giving in and letting her sit with me in a chair by the wood stove either in the mornings or after supper. But once you give Miss Calico an inch of kindness she wants a mile-LOL  Once it is warmer again we will sit with her at a little table just outside the door, and she will be happy with that.

My mission this weekend was to tackle the embroidered words. I had chose to have my friend that embroidered them for me, to make them into ovals instead of rectangles. When I turned them and pressed-I did not like them that way at all inside the hearts
   So yesterday with kitty in my lap by the fire, I was able to get them apart from the interfacing-which was a task cause her sewing stitches were way too small. I have them all pinned down now except for the last four-so I am hoping to get all or most of them sewed down, then the label, then it can go in the wash and off to my brother. 

 (note click to enlarge photos)

  Last night while watching a series on Hallmark Channel, I started sewing more hexies and almost have one flower finished. The center of this one was a scrap of Japanese fabric and the outside hexies were a batik. I switched over to a straw needle made in England and silk thread-and really love this for whip stitching. The finer thread is just so much nicer for me, and I love the less bulky thread in the seams-I was using hand quilting thread before. My stitches are still showing a bit, but by the end of making these 4 coasters I hope to have that mastered.

Woke up to a dusting of snow but no ice-yeah! but very cold and will drop in temps all day today-we will be at 0 degrees F or lower tonight along with gusty winds-that just started here. Another cold one tomorrow and then the warm up begins again-I hope this is the last of these frigid winter temps. I know those north of me are getting hit pretty bad again with this latest storm too, worse than me-so stay warm and safe up there.

I am off to finish up the last 4 words and get busy sewing these down.

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

We're Hunkering Down Waiting on the Weather & my Doings

  Happy Saturday everyone
     By now we were to have either rain or snow, and then the big winter event is to occur tomorrow. Depending on the line we will either be covered with ice-yikes don't want that, or covered with sleet and snow-a much better option; so it's a wait and see event. Where I live in the Ozarks allot of times we get missed-love that-lots of snow up by Kansas City area and StLouis, and below us the ice.  So we will just be prepared and wait and see-lol

   I have allot of bottles of water that I filled up-so I need to empty those and put in fresh water in case we need it for drinking or cooking water. I have the firewood rack filled to the top-so we are good there too. So what to do this weekend-onward hexies-lol  

   Thanks for all of your tips yesterday on my hexie questions. I worded my one question wrong about sewing through the papers. I knew when whip stitching one does not sew through the papers-but I have read about basting right on to the papers-which I like, but I have also seen just a few stitches not sew through the papers-I don't have the hang of that yet for keeping all the edges nice and secure.
   It did seem expensive to me to buy papers, but I am just not a precise cutter, so decided to try a bag of them, reuse them as much as I can and see how far the papers will take me.
   I really loved the tip on whip stitching with silk thread. I have a tube of neutrals that I bought for one of my applique 1800's quilts, but I am going to try it on these, I think it will give me a nicer whip stitch and less bulk of thread too as the seams are already rather bulky.
   Yippie-I sold all of my batik fat quarters to one quilter, and also kids soap on ebay yesterday morning-so that was uplifting-and gave me a little money again-to spend-lol I bought 4 more colors of silk thread that will work out great with my civil war fabrics-I found a chocolate brown and a turkey red-perfect!
    I will be going through  my fabric stash again this week to see what else I won't use and can sell. I know I have some yardage of batiks that I had bought for a particular quilt-but after I saw my neighbors quilt with the same pattern I didn't care for it-was a mystery quilt online. I know one piece had allot of birds in it-need to find that as my interests have moved on. 
      I have lots of homespuns and brushed cottons that I am going to work up into quilts for us-probably the Turning 20 original pattern-I have made many gift quilts from that pattern but none for us. It is a perfect pattern for me-large blocks and sews together fast-I am a very very slow quilter, and this pattern looks great tied.
    I am hoping to be able to de stash allot of my cottons so I will have space on one of my shelves for wool-my felted wool is spread out all over and I need to be able to see what colors I have, my room is just brimming over-it's like walking into a craft shop-lol
    My weaving has been calling to me this week as well-please come back and weave-lol Weaving was always my first love, just never made enough time for it-it's all warped and ready to go too-
    As always I have plenty of options to choose from to keep me occupied-

Enjoy your weekend!


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