Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Winter is Back Spring Seeds and Doings

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First off I want to thank all of you that joined in the conversation in my last post. I really enjoyed reading all the comments, as I think most that joined in did as well. I just kinda blurted that post out-cause I had been running into so many people here where we live now that don't take preparing and sharing good home cooked meals seriously. I was brought up with cooking everything from scratch-growing it-canning and freezing it-and preparing it-just part of who I am. 
    I am dating myself I know, but I have had a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that most young people don't know how to, and most don't want to know how to prepare good healthy meals at home. It just is so important-no matter who in the family does it-that person should take it seriously-and do it out of love. and I think reading through the comments again-that was the main thread-we cook out of love.
   I buy all of my herbs and spices from Penzeys-have for many many years now-and their moto or slogan is: "Love People Cook Them Tasty Food" and also "Love to Cook Cook to Love"

 Winter is back here in the Ozarks today as it is in many parts of the country again. We ended up with about 3" of blowing snow here, and no ice. Single digits and below though for most of the week with a couple more snow storms moving in this week. I think it will go perfectly with watching the winter olympics-lol I can't complain though cause northern Missouri got a foot of snow in some areas.

I spent most of my morning deciding on what seeds to purchase for my little veggie garden. I buy most all of my seeds from Baker Creek seeds-they are based here in Missouri, no gmo seeds but rather all heirloom seeds from around the world. They are a young couple that are very active against the big companies like monsanto-but I buy from them cause I love their seed choices. I bought a few herb seeds and flowers for dyeing cloth and yarn, and also a couple herbs to use as teas etc. I bought a new winter squash that was grown by the Lakota tribe that looks really delicious-and lots of greens, salad stuff, and different beans-always fun to choose seeds-they have a gorgeous free catalog too. 
   My husband's new apprentice for his scope business was a landscaper and he told me he was getting ready to set up his greenhouse to grow seeds for his garden-and he would gladly grow mine for me-this is so awesome-cause I am not set up here to grow my own seeds. So I also bought heirloom tomato seeds-including two roma type paste tomatoes for canning, broccoli and brussel sprouts, and two sweet peppers and an eggplant that is one of the smaller pretty violet varities-so am excited about that.
   I recently read in the latest MaryJane Farm's magazine that adding to the problem of the honey bees dying off are chemicals that are now being used to grow veggie and flower plants that are sold especially in big box stores-so this was a concern for me on what to do for some of my plants-so now I don't have to worry about that.

    I also started back hand quilting tonight too-yeah. I felt bad for my friend that is machine embroidering 18 words for me to sew into the border hearts. She wrote me that she had mailed them off to me, but a few days later her envelope returned to her ripped with none of the words-and she had paid extra for hand canceling the package-sigh. So she has to redo all of them. I think I will be sending her some bars of soap and perhaps some hand lotion too for all her extra troubles.

   and speaking of food-I have been enjoying the chocolate popcorn this week-right out of the freezer lol-I had froze it in small bags-so it would last longer-soooo good.

  Oh and I think we saved up enough money to get me a new computer soon-happy dancing for that-this 12-15 year old computer-is just sooooo slow it barely loads when I want to work in my etsy shops. For my new readers, last spring early we had a really bad lightening storm that blew apart a couple trees-and the force went through the ground somehow and fried my computer, my printer-everything-and it was plugged into a good serge protector. so now when we have one of those storms my computer is getting turned off and unplugged from the wall-lol My neighbor was getting ready to throw out her old computer-but gave it to me so I would have something to use-

   I also want to thank everyone that has visited me so far from Vicki's Grow Your Blog Party-This is the most people I have ever had enter one of my giveaways-as of today I have 81 entries-that is amazing!  I have decided to draw a second name and will mail off a surprise to a second person.

    well I have written a book-have a good night-or a good morning to my friends across the ocean


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