Thursday, February 13, 2014

Warming Up Here

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Warming up today-feels sooo good. We are in the 40s with high winds and sunshine. We will work up to 70s sometime next week-I love it--except for the major mud mess we have-mostly do to that waterline that was put in last summer, but no complaints here.

  I almost feel a little guilty with snow and ice to the south of me, and horrible gale winds and flooding in England-be safe everyone.

  I even ventured out of the woods and went to town this morning-I usually need to stock up on some house supplies every 4 to 6 weeks. I didn't get the bird seed I needed, so will need to go back real soon for that.

  In the mail today was my embroidered words for my quilt-they look awesome. She made them so the words will be an oval shape-so just need to cut them out and fold over edges so I can sew them down. Perfect timing too. I finished up with the hand quilting, and the embroidered hearts, and am now stitching down the binding. While watching the olympics I am getting allot of sewing done.

  One thing about rural living is having no choices for our internet provider. Our only option is satelite, a little slower than what is available in cities and very expensive. I don't really mind the speed as long as I can get around ok. However, the worse drawback, is we are only allowed so much time on the computer before they shut us down or we have to buy more time. This usually is not a problem, but I forgot and started uploading my photos over to photobucket before Larry starts putting my new computer together-and it ate up almost all of our time-I totally forgot about that, I only uploaded around 75 photos too. There is a free time between 2 am to 8am. So anyways, that means I can't visit my blog friends much as the blog pages take up allot of time to load.--so long story short-I won't be able to visit you much til next month.

    Hope this finds you all well, happy, and the power is still on.



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