Monday, February 17, 2014

Spring is Really On the Way

 I was woken up with the lovely sound of song birds just outside my window this morning-a glorious sound! Rain this morning and then hopefully some sunshine. We won't make it up to those 70's this week that they had suggested-a little too early for that right now, but I will really enjoy some sunshine with 50's and perhaps some 60's. I think mostly that Larry and I are looking forward to warmth.

Over the weekend a small flock of robins dropped by.

In a few weeks our ponds will come alive with spring music of frogs and toads-I love that, and I know I am in Missouri when I wake up to my first whip poor will of the season.

Are you enjoying the Olympics? It was nice of Directv to turn on the NBC station that is live over the weekend, (a prime station that I don't have) So, early this morning I can watch the ice skating dance teams. They are keeping it turned on for the rest of the Olympics-

Today is a mail holiday-President's Day-so I am packing up packages today so they can get mailed off tomorrow.

Oh and a big surprise for me-I found out yesterday that I had won a giveaway from the Grow Your Blog Party-handmade glass beads-from Purple Cobwebs-I am so excited! She is sending me blues to go with my wool crazy quilt purse. Her work is just gorgeous! Do drop by her blog for a visit.

Just wanted to "pop" in for a couple minutes this morning-Happy Monday!


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