Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Snow Dyeing

Have you tried this technique out yet? 
    I have not, but have been reading several bloggers that have-especially those areas getting soooo much snow this winter.

So, I decided to check online for information.
  Here is an excellent one using procion dyes go here

  A tutorial from Dharma using ice or snow  go here

   Information and pretty photos here from Dave's Garden  go here 

  Google search-lots of photos and links   go here

  While searching for information I also saw many you tube videos posted on the subject as well.

We are having spring temps this week here in the ozarks, with cold returning next week, however I doubt we will get any more measurable snow fall-but one never knows with this winter-lol  
   So those of you stuck with lots of snow on the ground-go have some fun and make color-I would think Rit dyes would work just as well.
    Found a blog that used Rit dyes  go here
   Comments most welcome on those of you that have done this technique


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