Saturday, February 8, 2014

Remember The Yarn I Dyed With Osage Orange Last Fall? & Deer Visitors

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I was so pleased with the results. This is 100% wool yarn that I had dyed along with several pieces of reclaimed wool from clothing I took apart. I had planned on perhaps selling some of it in my Kathyinozarks Fiber Shop on Etsy-but I had made the mistake of putting in several pieces in a mordant bath over night-forgetting that one piece had red in it-so of course that red migrated on to most of the yarn. After it was dyed and rinsed-it was more subtle but still there. 

I decided it would be just fine though woven up or knitted. So I asked one of my long time blog friends Kimberli in North Carolina if she would knit me a pair of fingerless gloves, and she said yes. 
    They arrived in the mail yesterday and I am soooo thrilled I love them. She said the yarn lasted forever so was plenty left over for her to take some of it and make something for herself, and still yarn left over for me too-so I will be adding that into a future weaving project. This yarn being finer-took her longer to complete cause of so many more stitches-so I am just so happy that a friend would do this for me. Thank you again Kimberli.

I took these two photos with one hand-so not too bad LOL

I also got in the mail my big package of garden seeds-fast service for sure-I love Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds  Our new friend that is also Larry's new apprentice used to be a landscaper, had to retire from that do to health reasons, also sells off his extra compost-he raises cattle so sounds like a really nice mix-so I ordered allot of that to help improve my new little garden area and also to freshen up all my big containers I grow in too-so I am ready for spring now. I used up most of my own compost last year-so would rather buy from him than a big box store. and I am so excited that he offered to grow some of my seeds into plants-He also asked me if I would be interested in co-op canning with his wife-so I may just do that-sounds like fun. I have canned with my Mom since I was probably around 12 or so, and I have canned by myself for years and years-so may be nice to work up the harvest with someone else.

This is the time of year when we get larger groups of deer visiting. Especially this winter, more snow on the ground, colder, and less wild food available. Last night with two groups that visited we had over 20 deer-one group had 5 bucks-so I think I will start putting out an extra scoop of corn for them 
   (those yellow stakes I had put out there-cause when our friend was here over the summer-he kept running over everything-and I mean everything lol)

Have an awesome weekend everyone! 


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