Friday, February 28, 2014

My Hexies are Linking Up

  Just learned about others joining in on Friday's to link up posts about their hexagon projects over at A Quilting Reader's Garden. (I will be posting her button in my right column) 
   This week I made my very first hexie's, loved it so much that I ordered papers and dug out some of my civil war fabrics. Not sure yet if I want to commit to a large quilt-or perhaps something smaller. I found a doll quilt in the book The Civil War Sewing Circle that I may elongate into a table runner-would be nice to make for a table I use in the living room.
   I didn't want my practice piece to be wasted so I decided to make another one and turn it into a mug rug. I put a layer of cotton batting in the middle, put in a few quilt stitches (ps don't look too close at those quilt stitches-I just "winged it" on this lol) and embroidered around one of the edges. (for my new readers; check my other posts this week on my hexie project)
   Well, I can't just have one, and I am in need of new coasters again, so last night I dug out some scraps and will make up a set of four coasters for us to use. Just them all pressed, mixed the colors around a bit-so I am ready to stitch tonight

I decided to come back and ask a couple questions since I am brand new to hexies:
    1. do you sew through the papers or not?
    2. tips so my whipped stitches will not show to the right side-my first flower did not show at all, and when I made my second flower, I noticed some of my stitches did show through
     3. do you punch a hole in the middle of the paper and slip a pin inside to hold the papers?-I saw that somewhere and thought it was a nifty idea-and liked it


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