Saturday, February 1, 2014

It's February, Wintry Weather Back, and my Kathyinozarks Soaps on Etsy and Ebay

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Happy Saturday, and welcome in a new month-and I had almost forgotton with the super bowl but tomorrow is ground hog day too.

   We pretty much know already without the groundhog, that winter will be here in the ozarks for most of the month. It rained off and on last night, a little this morning too, and some ice build up on the trees already. We are hovering just above freezing right now so the roads are still just wet.  However, the weatherman is talking about a couple winter storms moving in this coming week-so winter will be here for awhile for sure.

    I have been spending most of the day so far editing my listings in my Kathyinozarks Soaps on Etsy. This computer is very old, so it takes me 15 to 20 minutes to edit each listing-so very slow going for sure. I am lowering a few of the prices and I am also really lowering my shipping prices. I find it very difficult to figure shipping prices when I don't know where in the states my soap is going. I wish they would set up their shipping like ebay does; actual price per zip code.
    I had been setting up my prices for priority shipping as it is a faster and better service, but I think it was too expensive for most people so I am changing to first class and will see how that plays out.
   And speaking of my soap shop-I have many soaps perfect for Valentine Days and the upcoming spring holidays-many choices of different heart shaped bars, little guest soaps, and bath teas. I have an ongoing coupon for my blog readers-just use blogger for 10% off your total purchase.
     My sales are not good on etsy and I really have not figured out how to help people find me there-but I keep plugging a way at it. I also just listed some soaps on ebay yesterday along with some quilt books-so will give that a go too.
    If we had a decent farmers market locally I would try that-but we do not.

  Are you having a super bowl party? It will just be me-as my hubby does not watch sports. I just took out a big ham that I think I will pop in the oven tomorrow-which will be good for sandwiches for the guys during the week, and I am thinking a good week for split pea soup and ham or a navy bean soup with ham. I made jello with a quart bag of wild blackberries that I froze last summer, and yesterday I made a nice meatloaf-in the crock pot-so left overs for that too. and the munchies and dips too-lol So I'm good.

   I am back hand quilting too, and working on taxes-so I have stuff to keep me busy this month with the winter outdoors. Oh and we had lots of wildlife visitors during the last couple days. The wild turkeys came by, a big red squirrel-which we have not see since fall, a pileated woodpecker flew by, lots of wild birds, and one evening we had over a dozen deer. 

Happy Weekend!


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