Friday, February 21, 2014

I Took a Long Walk in My Woods This Morning

  It has taken  me a year, but I finally was able to take a walk into our woods-without crying. 
    To my new readers and friends, a year ago this month we lost our beloved Nikita during the first week of February and on the 19th suddenly a long time blog friend was gone from cancer. A very sad time for me. My friend Karen in Kentucky and I worked hard to get a love quilt made for her-but there was not enough time. With the help of another blog friend Deb we were able to mail the quilt to the granddaughter. 
    Hubby and I also had a very very stressful summer last year that added to our sadness.
   For 9 years every day Nikita and I took walks in our woods, it was good for both of us. Months after when ever I tried to take a walk I just couldn't do it-I was just too sad without my walking partner. 
    This morning I decided to try again, a year is a long time, I grabbed calico kitty and she stayed with  me til we got to the middle pond. I continued on to the woods and it felt good. The sunshine is out today, very windy still, but not too chilly yet-that comes in tonight.
  Along the way I found a pure white turkey feather-about 10" long or so. I have never found a pure white feather before-thinking now is this a peace sign, nature telling me everything will be ok?  Just coincidence? 
  Don't know but it felt so good to walk again.

This is totally off topic but I have a question. This morning I have been visiting some of my blog friends-and when I want to comment-I can see that there are comments already posted-but there is no place I can click to post a comment. Have any of you had this same problem? wondering if blogger did some upgrades or something-I am still on this old old computer.


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