Sunday, February 2, 2014

I Have Decided to De stash Allot of My Batik Fat Quarters

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Good morning, I never think of de stashing my sewing or craft supplies-cause one never knows when I might just need it.

However, I have decided to take a serious look at my quilt fabric stash and well-de stash lol  

     I am not really in a panic about turning 65 this coming October but it is on my mind.(especially with my Mom's dementia now) I have much I hope to accomplish but I need to focus now on what I really want to accomplish-and that is quilts of the 1800's and quilts using cottons with wool appliques, plus my other interests. I would like to make us a Turning 20 quilt-I love that pattern-for me it goes together fast, I can use large pieces which really shows off the fabrics and I can tie the quilt too instead of dealing with getting a large quilt through the sewing machine to get it quilted. I have some beautiful brushed cottons with woodsy scenes so that will be perfect for that quilt.

    I just love batiks and hand dyes. Hand dyes I use my own, and batiks are just so gorgeous-they are eye candy to me in fabric. However I am seriously thinking of selling off most of my batiks. I bought them from quality quilt shops and they are Hoffman, and allot of them I bought as sets one year to build up my fabric stash. I have made some gorgeous gift quilts in the past from this stash. 

   Before I start taking lots of photos and getting them listed in my Kathyinozarks Fibers shop on Etsy, or on Ebay-I thought I would offer them here to my US customers first. I would consider mailing worldwide-but be warned the shipping is now very high.
      I have several pinks, spring colors, dark blues and purples, and I have a set of metallic batiks with golds.These have not been washed. I know I paid top price plus shipping for these, but am thinking of $2.25 for each (plus shipping). So if anyone is interested message me and I can post more photos if you need them. thanks

Those of you that quilt for toddlers or babies, I just posted a bundle of fabrics with a nautical theme in my fibers shop. click on photos above to enlarge


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