Sunday, February 23, 2014

I Am Excited About My New Project-Civil War Hexagons

  I am one of those people that bounce around allot in my artistic endeavors. Allot of times though things just come back around in a circle-I guess that is how my mind works-lol
  I have been searching online to see if I could find a quilt made with the hexagons back during the civil war era, and have not found one yet. I would like to see how they set them in the quilt.  I may have to see if I can contact Barbara Brackman and ask her as she is a fabric and quilt historian.
   I did visit Quilters cache-a fabulous site for free quilt block patterns, and looked at her Grandmother's Flower Garden. She also shares links to finished quilts for more inspiration. I really like this one allot, and think it will be perfect for these civil war fabrics. At least that is the "plan" for now.
   I don't know about you, but when I have a handwork project I like to use a basket or a nifty bag to put everything in. I found this perfect size basket that we had gotten as a gift way back when we were in the exotic bird breeding business. Anyways, inside was a previous hand dyed project of yarns and wool that I had forgotten about where it was, so found another container for those and cleaned up the basket.
   It needed a little fabric for a liner, so what jumped out at me was a bag of fabric from my Grandma's stash-she always was making things for children so I grabbed a fun kids fabric with circus motifs. Last night for civil war fabric-I pulled a jelly roll of Barbara Brackman's Civil War Crossing, a few civil war pieces from my Mom's fabric stash, and some odds that I had that don't go with my other two 1800's quilt projects. 
    So I am all set now-just waiting for the papers to arrive. The jelly roll  fabrics are just the perfect size for the hexie template-so little waste of fabric and the fabric can get used now. They also didn't tie in size wise for my other projects. I had won these at the Fab Shop Hop-probably at least  5 years ago. I think just waiting for me to learn about hexies-lol
    Good thing I don't have the papers just yet as I need to get back on tax work for Larry's business, and get the quilt finished up. I am not happy with the way the words are looking so need to get my head around that this week. I want that finished and washed, and then I am going to send it off to my brother who is Mom's caregiver. Making this quilt was my therapy so it needs to get passed on now.

Sigh-cold winter temps returning here today and will last for awhile too. I took another long walk in the woods yesterday, I also filled up the wood rack-I think we should have just enough wood to make it through March.  
    End of the Olympics today and then the Voice returns tomorrow night. I love the Voice but have not decided if I want to get "hooked" again-I do love the show though.

Happy Sunday!!


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