Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hexies Everywhere-Who Knew?

  Meredith mentioned about making crocheted hexagons-wow that sounds really fun too and most knitters and crocheters or weavers have left overs in yarn. 
     So I had to search online, I checked first for wool hexagons in quilts. Found this gorgeous wool knitted piece here  I found this wool one too made from felted wools-now I like that idea, however I didn't like the way she sewed it together-but a great idea to sew up felted wool pieces here I would hand sewn these instead.
   I found puffs of knitted hexies made into a quilt here and here I love this idea too, perhaps one could stuff felted wool or felted wool sweaters. This one looks soooo cozy. If I was a knitter I would make one of these for sure.
  Here is a pretty large hexagon blanket that was crocheted here
I found an 1800's wool hexagon quilt-I am loving the idea of using wool. found here
   I have been spending time on the computer off and on today, mostly searching for civil war era and early 1800's hexagon quilts. 
    I have never been around anyone that made these hexagons into quilts-I just had no clue about all these variations either. 
  In my search I did find on a couple of Barbara Brackman's quilt history blogs a couple posts on 1800's hexagons. My friend Karen had told me she thought they were made in a medallion style or a large star back then-and that is what Brackman showed. They would do a medallion center of hexagons and then applique that onto to a chintz or sew the chintz around the medallion. 
  I personally don't care for the medallion style, especially to make one. so far this is all I have found about early 1800's hexagons in quilts. 
    Ok enough posting about hexies for a bit-lol


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