Saturday, February 22, 2014

Hexagons in My Future

  During the Grow Your Blog Party especially, I have met and read so many of you that are making quilts with hexagons. I really had no clue this was such a popular method again.
   I have always loved the pattern Grandmother's Flower Garden made with these little hexies but just never really thought it was something I wanted to do. I don't usually do well with cutting small pieces and then putting them back together again.-lol
   However after getting a couple sizes of Val's glass templates, and reading the excellent how to tutorials from Karen of Fairies and Fibers (she made the needle book for me) I just wanted to see how this process works and if I would enjoy it.
    Last night while watching episodes of the Treehouse master and waiting for his newest show where he was building a recording studio tree house with Celo Green coming for a visit; I decided to give it a go. I had to put my embroidery words away for a bit (for my Mom's before dementia memory quilt)-cause they are giving me fits at the moment.

    I  cut these out out of some fabric scraps from my Mom's stash. I ended up working on this til 2 am-am I hooked or what??  I got it all sewed down except for a couple sides. For my first sample I was really pleased how it all came together-I was not thrilled with the center piece-a little too light in value-but I was just wanting to make one section.
   I have used up all of my sample papers, so just ordered a bag of 600 of them. I tried using my own papers by tracing them out-but for better accuracy for me;  purchasing pre cut papers is the way to go.
   I had tried paper piecing in the past-my Mom really enjoyed that process for all the detail it gives-but I didn't enjoy that at all. I do like this.
   Have any of you done this method with the apple core template? I saw they had papers for that, wondering if those curves were difficult to make nice.

     My goal this year is to work on 1800's era quilts, so I went online and did some research on the Grandmother's Flower Garden. This pattern was actually made back in the 1700's and then was very popular again during the 1920's and the depression era. So the time period of this pattern does fit my timeline. 
     I have in my stash lots and lots of 1830's through the civil war reproduction fabrics, along with one piece from the 1700's that just does not blend in well with the others-so I am thinking of making this quilt with my hand dyed fabrics and these reproduction fabrics. So I went off course a little on what pattern to make first but am sticking with the era of fabrics and pattern at least.
    I am still planning on starting one of my 1830's quilts with the wool appliques on the cotton, or the appliqued cotton on cotton one-gotta have two quilts going so I don't get bored-lol

I wanted to thank all of you that commented on my previous post, If I have not replied back to you yet, I will over the weekend.  One of the things about my blogging friends that I love is sharing life experiences and getting feedback-helps me realize I am on the same "page" sometimes-smiles    and I appreciate the suggestions with my commenting problem which I am still having. I need to clear the cache and cookies again, and the suggestion of signing off of blogger and back on again is a good one too-I totally forgot about that-as that worked for me for something else in the past.

Happy Weekend to all of you!


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