Sunday, February 16, 2014

Good Morning Sunday, Springlike, and Wild Turkeys

  As I sit here at my computer, I can hear the birds just singing away--they think spring has arrived. We are to have a week of spring like temperatures, up near 50's and 60's and lows in the 30's and 40's f  A welcome change for sure. This has been such a cold winter for us. We have both just been chilled during most of this season's winter.

  This time of year especially, before the new borns arrive, the deer come for their visits in larger groups. So, I have started feeding back by the woods line again as well as up by the house. 
    Two years ago when we had the severe drought with months of 100 degree temps, we started feeding a large group of three families of wild turkeys. They came every day from early spring through November-so we got to watch them grow up, very special-search for wild turkeys in my search tool for the photos.  
    The other day we got a large group of jake turkeys come in-and they were sooooo excited that I had corn for them back by the woods line. Click photo to enlarge to view them better

    Like some of the rest of you, I have been enjoying watching the Olympics while working on handmade projects-for me it was my quilt. I am now up to sewing on the binding, and then to prepare and sew all those embroidered words on to the quilt. I had to take a few days off as my hands and right shoulder were screaming to stop. 

   My craft room is just too full of creative items again to easily get to things-especially now with the sewing table in there I brought back from my Mom. So this year I am going to seriously de stash. Anyways I was able to get to allot of my felted wool pieces yesterday and found several blues and one small purple for my crazy quilt purse. I still want to clear another area so I can get into a couple more drawers of felted wool to see what I have in there too for choices. I am getting more anxious to start this project. 
     I also am wanting to make my first hexies. With Val's help with her glass templates and my friend Karen's help with tutorials I think I am ready. 

  Yesterday I made a couple pies, an apple-cranberry for Larry and a mixed berry with rhubarb for me. I attempted another gluten free crust made with coconut butter and my gluten free baking flour mix-it was so so, am still working on that.

Enjoy  your Sunday and have an awesome  new week!


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