Friday, February 7, 2014

Good Morning Friday----Brrrrrrr It is Still So Cold Here

Woke up to low single digits again, this is turning into another very cold winter month. However when I read some of you that are 30 below 0-now that is just way too cold for sure.

I guess tomorrow we will head towards just above freezing, and then a little break on Saturday before we head back down to the deep freeze. I think this is the first winter in over 10 years here that we will run out of wood. We didn't get all of it in like we usually do, and this winter instead of leftovers I think we will be out in the woods cutting some more once we get above freezing for a few days.

Making good progress on the hand quilting-I did allot yesterday so I am a little sore this morning-but I have just 4 and half more blocks to quilt. After that I will embroider in the big red hearts in the border-and hoping my embroidered words come in soon. I will then decide after that if I need to add a little border piece around the quilt before I bind it. This one being more of a country quilt-I am not going to sew on a binding but rather bring the backing to the front to form a binding-I really like that method for some quilts.

The other day my hand mixer went kaput on me-and it was only about 12 years old-I expect little appliances like this to last much longer-lol When Larry and I got together over 30 years ago we each had Salton yogurt makers-and they still work-as does my air popcorn popper from the 80's.-just saying lol
    Anyways, I went online to purchase a new one-thinking that it would be a fast process-nope-Most hand mixers, even those up to the $50.00 range do not have extra beaters-for whisking or dough hooks. Was very surprised about that. I checked all over the place online too, looking as well for free shipping. 
    I also read reviews on all of those I was interested in, and on different sites too-sometimes one site would show mostly positive feedback, and another site-same mixer would have allot of negative feedback. I even looked at a pro model that I really liked, but it had allot of serious negative feedback. One thing nice for me when I shop online-I can really compare prices and the feedback.
     Sooooo about 4 hours later I think it was-I did find free shipping, I had to spend a little more than I wanted to but it was a good sale price(compared to several sites) and I did get all the extra beater attachments, and I found one made in the USA with a name brand-Cool!

    We also were able to save enough money-finally-so I could buy a new computer-I so need one that works better than this old 15 year one-but I am so thankful to have something. I could get by with this one longer too, but Etsy does not support it-on google it crashes when I try to edit, and on windows it barely works-so for my sanity I need one that works. So we found one that Larry has to put together-everything new just all the parts will come in seperate boxes. I also need to buy the new windows 7 as I am still using xp-which I have always liked-but time to upgrade. 

  So wow new things coming in my mailbox soon. How fun is that?

This morning I am going to make another gluten free upside down cake, but instead of crushed pineapple I am going to use blueberries. I have one or two more bags left in the freezer that need to get used up. We have not had a good growing year for picking fresh blueberries here for a few years-so hoping this year will be one. I love blueberries in lots of things.

That's my "doings" for now--Happy Weekend everyone


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