Monday, February 3, 2014

Doesn't Anyone Still Bake for Their Spouses or Partners Any More??

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We have lived down here in the Ozarks for 10 years now, and it just dawned on me again that the wives of the men we know here don't bake, some of them don't even cook-they sit back and let their men cook.
   Baking has always been second nature to me, I grew up baking and cooking everything from scratch-and I still do for the most part. The only baking mix I have ever used is the gluten free yellow cake mix.
    The other day our friend Mr L brought over some apples he had-so that means he is ready for apple pie-lol His wife doesn't do anything any more-once she retired she decided she wanted to be waited on-each to their own I know.
    I don't mind baking up an extra pie-just as easy to make two or three as it is to just bake one. Something I started doing for him a couple years ago when we found out about his situation.
   Hubby has a new apprentice and he is here for the whole day, so I make the guys a lunch-mostly sandwiches and he is always soooo appreciative. When I bake a cake or pie-it's like this is the first time he has had a treat like this since his grandma or mom made one.
   Cooking or baking for your man or your partner to me is a gift of love-and is always so appreciated.
    I hope this is not the norm that one does not bake for their loved ones but is something going on for this area we now live in.
   Just my thoughts for the day-lol


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